Jan. 30th, 2010

I have two betta fish now, a red male and a brownish female. Their tank is currently too small, which I didn't realize until I got home, I assembled it and was all, ..... D: oh no. But they apparently appreciate the big step up from their previous, plastic water glass arrangement from the pet store, because they are actively swimming around their new home and appear to be happy and stuff? As happy as a fish can be, anyway. When I go back to Petco next week I think I'll buy second one of the tank I already have and take the dividers out, so they can each have on tank to themselves. THEN THEY WILL BE EVEN MORE HAPPY. As happy as fish can be anyway.

I'm probably going to be joining the Flying Samaritans as a translater/interpreter, albeit a noob translater/interpreter一the group sets up free medical clinics in Baja Mexico and I would, like, ask people a list of questions before they see the doctor. And help fill out Spanish language paperwork before the fact. It should be fun!

I'm also applying to do an academic year of study abroad in Nanjing, China. The decision was basically made when I found out that a) I will be able to get a part time job, which will help enormously with expenses, and b) I'll be able to take online classes for my major in addition to all the Chinese language classes, which'll mean I won't fall too behind on my Academic Progress. So I just gotta hope I get accepted into the program!

Right now, though, not much is up, I'm just chilling on my bed with my cat watching, uh ... I think it's Final Destination 3? It's whatever's on TNT right now.


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