Feb. 9th, 2010

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Yesterday I worked the bake sale for my club, which basically involved using guilt and enthusiasm at passing strangers. After about an hour of this I sort of eschewed the GameStop model of sales that had been drilled into me, and instead of talking at everyone I tried to pick out the people that looked slightly interested already, and made the pitch to them. Surprise, surprise, this method had a much higher success rate. Someone call GameStop, let them know!

I got one lady to the table with the promise that all proceeds go to charity, but just as she was picking out her slice of pie I made the apparent mistake of explaining that the money goes to setting up free medical clinics in Mexico. I'm not even kidding, as soon as I got to the word Mexico she jumped the hell back and said, "Sorry, not my cause."


There was also a pray-away-the-gay fellow that stood next to our table for about an hour and a half straight, I'm not even kidding, waving a sign about sodomites and yelling about how everyone on campus is going to hell. The cops came and left, nobody stopped him, and eventually he gathered a crowd of righteously indignant college students yelling back at him. I'm pretty sure that's what he wanted, though. I'm just surprised that sort of thing is legal. Our campus has a resident the-end-is-near sign waving guy, but he's quiet and stuff, he just stands there with his sign and his dog and talks to anyone that talks to him first. Yesterday I saw him looking at the angry sign waver, rolling his eyes and shaking his head.


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