Apr. 28th, 2010

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大家! 我不會說中文!!

我明天考試啊... 怎麼辦?!

Basically my oral exam (hyuk hyuk) is tomorrow afternoon and I am screwed. (HYUK HYUK) This is a ten minute interview in which they drill me about the life and times of 張天明, the douchebag protagonist of my goddamn Mandarin textbook. During the test I can't say a single word in English and there's a limit to how many times I can ask them to repeat a question. The limit is once. And seriously, this guy such an asshole. He spends an entire fucking chapter lecturing his friends about how he only buys Adidas, because he cannot bear to wear inferior brands. You think I'm kidding? This is one of the passages I have to memorize:
Zhang Tianming: When it comes to shopping, I only buy good things, famous brands, or else I don't buy anything. Famous brand clothes are good quality. There are clothes that are, yes, cheap, but once you wear them once or twice, you never want to wear them anymore, so you are forced (?!) to buy something else. So buying two articles of clothing is even more expensive than buying just one expensive brand.
Do you see? And not just the fact that, woah, Chinese is a language of brevity. My final is about this guy and I hate him more than anything on earth at this point, pretty much. At this time I would also note that I basically ended up in the Chinese program by some malicious twist of fate because only a complete idiot would do this to themselves on purpose. I have no idea why I'm even going to Taiwan, I'm clearly just going to get laughed outta there.


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