May. 31st, 2010

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This is the longest Twitter argument I have ever had. It ended here but I c/ped the status updates if you want to read it but don't want to go through Twitter threads. Highlights include him asking me if I was a member of the Mexican drug cartel or just a Mexican, and later him insisting that had nothing to do with my userpic! Because I look like a "typical American" in that. Which doesn't mean I look white!! He can tell by the clothes that aren't actually visible in that picture.
I started messenging him on my phone, which means I couldn't tell he was a nutcase. If I could have, I wouldn't have started this! D: )
Dude, the Tea Party is fucking crazy. I have actually never had one of them be crazy at me. I just wanted to correct the wrong thing that he said! Because they do check for papers at the Mexican border, geez. I also would never call myself Mexican-American, not because I think that is a terrible thing, but because a few generations ago my family assimilated very thoroughly, no living relative of mine even speaks Spanish I am pretty sure. (Except for what we learn in school.) I GUESS I COULD HAVE TOLD HIM THAT but I did not really want his approval. Seriously, though, if this guy considers people like me potential enemies with questionable loyalties, when I only have very partial Hispanic heritage, he doesn't need to wait until 2015. He's outnumbered already.

Also, HELLO. I have returned from a work trip in California and I am very tired. I spent almost the entire time not sleeping and not eating enough! Hooray. Today my parents want to take us to see Prince of Persia, which not only is guilty of terrible white washing, it is also guilty of bastardizing one of the few video games that actually mean something to me. I am really really looking forward to it, can't you tell.


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