Jul. 18th, 2010

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I don't use this journal a whole lot anymore for actual blogging, as you've, uh, probably noticed—I've barely been using LJ since last January honestly. I love my journal too much to every outright abandon it (plus LJ hit me with another automatic payment fee, the sneaky bastard) so I'll still be around. Just, you know, less. Most of my personal journaling is at my Dreamwidth and Tumblr now anyway. I just never feel like divulging personal shit when I'm on LJ. Unless, of course, it is to bitch.

Right now my mission is to fill out my visa application. I actually need to get my ass in gear on the whole "moving to a foreign country in a bit over a month" thing, but, you know how it goes. I have, however, given serious thought to what clothes I will bring! And how many! In case you were worried.

Since I have spet almost the entire summer in intensive psycholinguistic and sociolinguistic courses, I am a fount of information that nobody wants to know. Like, here's a quote that is seriously eating me up:
"Mainstream English, as it is defined here, is an abstraction. It is an attempt to isolate from the full set of all varieties of US English those varieties which are not overtly stigmatized, and which find some degree of acceptance and favor over space and social distinctions. As we will see, these varieties are not coincidentally the language of primarily white, middle- and upper-middle-class, an midwestern American communities."
I know I have been beating the "self-described grammar nazis are fucking classist" drum for a while now, but woah, that's a way harder line than I ever took before. AND IT IS CORRECT, TOO. I want to read this whole book, not just the excerpts we got in class. Edit: This is the book, English with an Accent: Language, Ideology and Discrimination in the United States.


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