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◈ I say "thànk yòu" roughly half the time now while speaking English. I sound like an idiot.

◈ I am picking up a Taiwanese Mandarin accent like nobody's business. I don't know if it's because I started out way behind most of my classmates in Chinese so I had a lot less time for the lovely Beijing Standard to really cement itself in place, or because I think the accent sounds pretty and friendly and my subconscious is embracing it. Or both.

◈ This probably hilariously stupid sounding American/Taiwanese accent deceives people into believing I can understand way, way more Chinese than I actually can. I guess they assume I'd have to have been here more than a month and a half before I started to crudely mimic them. I sound like an idiot.

◈ There's this tea shop I go to at least once a week even though their tea is only okay, because of the cute guy that works there. And I don't mean cute as in, you know, I'd hit that. I mean he is like fucking adorable like a puppy and he is all, ":D! :DDDD!!! Hello!!!!" whenever I go there, oh my god. Interacting with puppy!boy for one minute brightens my entire day.

◈ Which is good, because I usually see him on Thursdays and on that day I basically speak Mandarin and nothing else. At the end of it I feel like my brains are leaking out of my ears and then I dream in Mandarin. These dreams mostly suck. Everyone in them literally lacks the capability to say more than like, "Hello. Where did you buy that skirt? Do you come from America? Where are you going? Wait! No! I don't want rice with that!"

◈ Fahrenheit obsession is still going strong. I love this video, BUT I AM POSTING IT FOR LANGUAGE RELATED REASONS BELIEVE IT OR NOT. If you've heard me mention that Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese aren't the same thing at all, and you actually care about that, you can check out the end of it at 2:40, when Jiro is basically forced to sight-translate Mandarin into Taiwanese. I'm assuming it's a sight-translation anyway, because there's no standardized way to write down Taiwanese as far as I know, and also because it looks like whatever he's doing is hurting his brain.

◈ If I find that goddamn cricket that's been shrieking for like three days fucking straight in this room somewhere, if I find it—I DON'T EVEN KNOW and it doesn't fucking matter, I will never fucking find it anyway.

◈ Long week was loooooooooooooooooong fjfdksjlfdjfls ..........
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