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I suck at making people feel better about stuff. :/ forever.

Today I had a murderous headache basically for every moment I was awake, but I figured that if I totally ignored it it would vanish by magic, or maybe my synapses would just get bored of reporting on it, constantly, for hours, but no. When it came time to finally go to night school I figured that if I walked all the way to the class I would give myself no choice but to actually attend. BRILLIANT. Staggering over there took me about half a fucking hour, because straight lines were tough to manage, and I nearly turned back twice so I had to keep stopping to motivate myself—"加油, 蘭妮! 加油!"—plus there were the increasingly desperate attempts to find headache medicine, which finally culminated in me admitting my complete illiteracy to some random person in Watsons. I hate doing that. I think I said, like, "Er, 請問一下,我有頭疼,可以吃這個... 藥. Uh. 嗎?" That is pretty wrong, by the way. Here I am preserving its wrongness. So she read the package of the mystery pills I was waving at her, and they were just what I needed! I took some RANDOM AMOUNT I don't remember, dragged myself to the language center, then I collapsed across some picnic table on the first floor and stared off into space, because surely the meds would kick in any second.

Never happened.

Eventually my motivation to be even a merely adequate student withered and died and I went home and passed out for the next however many hours, only to wake up at two in the morning because I can't actually sleep on this horrible bed for an entire night at a time. I think I should totally get credit for going to class however. I mean for effort at least that was amazing. Pointless and amazing.

I suck at taking care of myself, but DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THIS. I've almost gotten killed by like three motorscooters and a truck in the last couple days, I'm pretty sure I already know how I'm gonna die.
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