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I have logged into my LJ for the first times in ages. Well, not exactly. I logged in a few days ago but I was sure I typed my password in wrong but then LJ LET ME IN ANYWAY??? So I was sort of creeped by that and sort of left without checking anything. Not to be all paranoid, but.

I live in Taiwan, my life sucks and that's all old news. It's the third week of classes but they just really started in earnest, so naturally I have missed two of them so far this week. One of my classes is about gangster movies so I am actually watching the Godfather for the first time in my life. So many people are dying! It's crazy. Starting next week I also start three hours a day, five days a week hardcore Chinese school, which is awesome because my Chinese totally, totally sucks.

Like, seriously.

And I am angry about politics but that is also normal! Arizona basically wants to secede from the federal government or just opt out of obeying any of its laws while still getting federal benefits or I don't know, it sucks. It really sucks. Our governor is like Sarah Palin if Sarah Palin was a sociopath willing to let people die in order to gain political power; our state legislature is literally run by the Tea Party. It is like a nightmare that never ends.

Nothing interesting is happening to me.
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