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Oh, man, I am on fire today. Today I have accomplished the following: got up at six to study, made it to my intensive Chinese course at nine, got out at twelve and then accidentally passed out for two hours then got up and made it to my university Chinese class only slightly late! if an hour and a half counts as slightly Then I paid my electric bill! I paid my phone bill! I sent a donation off to Doctors WIthout Borders! I took my garbage out! I did my laundry! And once that's dry and put away I'm going to meet my friends in a lab they clear out every night to practice a traditional Thai dance.

I even hand washed some clothes. My back keeps violently thanking me for that.

Whenever anybody acts amazed at my language skills I feel like such a poser. My friends here have been doing that lately. For one, they're just doing it to be polite. For two, they're wrong. "Brittany speaks English, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, and Japanese!" Ha, uh, sure, I guess, if "speaks" here means "took some in college." In that case, you forgot sign language! Esperanto should probably also count.

I might be graduating in a semester and I'll know for sure if I can ever get anybody at my school to remember that I exist. My odds aren't good, though. Usually I have to show up in person to manage that. I don't know why, maybe they just really want proof. But then I'm free, man, I will be so free. Free and awesome. Do not worry, I am well aware of the fact that I am much more likely to get a job with my experience waiting tables than with my undergrad degree in linguistics. I suffer from no delusions.
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