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So apparently my Mandarin has taken a pretty massive leap forward, all of a sudden, because it's like I fucking woke up three days ago and could understand half of everything I freaking hear, could start up conversations and ask basic questions without really thinking about it, and almost immediately started forgetting my native language. That might sound cool but I mean, think about that particular combination of skills. I UNDERSTAND HALF OF WHAT I HEAR. I TALK WITHOUT THINKING ABOUT WHAT I'M SAYING. And now I guess I know just enough to get myself into trouble now and so we have, ADVENTURES IN BEING BRITTANY, NOT THE SHARPEST TOOL IN THE SHED, WHO TODAY 好好好, 對對對ED HER WAY TO ACCIDENTALLY ORDERING ABOUT A HUNDRED FUCKING DOLLARS OF JIRO WANG MERCHANDISE.

Actually, that about sums it up. To pay myself the only compliment I'm willing to do here, my Chinese must've been pretty okay, because the lady easily understood my questions, she assumed I could understand her. I mean she kept it simple but she wasn't talking in baby Chinese. I showed her my list of the drama DVDs I was looking for—I wanted something to watch tonight, so I'd written down like half of everything my favorite Taiwanese idol has ever appeared in that I was vaguely interested in. She complimented my Chinese handwriting, she disappeared into the back. Then she returned and said in Chinese, "I'm sorry, we don't have these right now."

"Oh, that's okay," I said, in Chinese. "Thank you!"

Then she said something I wasn't paying attention to because I was all, holy shit, I'm totally having a conversation in Chinese! I nodded enthusiastically, because that's what you do when you don't understand what someone's telling you. "Okay, okay," I said, except it was really like, "Okay okay okay okay," because that's what you do in Taiwan. Seriously, I've carried over a rapid-fire, "Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah," into my English. I feel our tongue lacks this valuable tool.

"Then, can I get your name and phone number?" she asked me.

"Oh, sure!" I said. I can write both of those things in Chinese, which is an awesome language, if you didn't know, and so of course I eagerly did that. Actually phone numbers are pretty much the same in every language but I totally had to explain my terrible handwriting to her, in Chinese, so that counts! "We'll call you when these come in," she said. I was like, dude, awesome. Because I totally knew what she said! She took my name, number, and my list, which should've been a fucking clue, but processing languages that are not English apparently take my entire brain. I smiled and nodded and turned and walked away, feeling pretty pleased with myself.

... And then I was like wait what.
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I provide you with nothing of value and I never will. Bitch about it.

I must find and watch this entire television series immediately, whatever it is, because this is like the cutest fucking clip I've seen of anything in my entire goddamn life.

I know that's Jiro Wang, I have no idea who she is I never saw her before, and the drama is I don't even care because holy shit man. So fucking cute. If it was any cuter I think it would actually be hazardous.
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Tonight I got to see an Asian superstar in person, which totally didn't impress me at all because I never heard of Wang Leehom (王力宏) before I got to Taiwan—even though the guy was born and raised in New York. But I didn't realize how American the guy really was until he talked in person; he didn't speak in English but he was tired and distracted and had this accent when he was speaking Mandarin and I'm not even sure what it was, but something about him was like, DUDE, you are ONE OF US.

Then I watched some Youtube clips of him in Thailand and he's all, "I'm like, so fascinated just, like, looking at the writing, but it's soo hard to write. You got like—it looks like a math equation... I wish I could read this."

So American. I feel such kinship with all Americans.

I'm trying to participate in [community profile] origfic_bingo. I'm so bad at writing lately, and in the last several months I have managed one half of one bad Inception fanfiction. Since one of my classes was canceled I mean, I should have tons of time—it doesn't feel like I do, and I'm probably going to start tutoring people in English and I want to join this club that helps out some local aboriginal people. So much stuff man. I will never run out of stuff I want to do here. BUT MAYBE I'LL GET TO THE WRITING. MAYBE.

I can't stop listening to this horrible K-pop song, I think it's killing me from the inside. I know I saw it in the States before but it's fucking everywhere here, it was only a matter of time before I encountered it again. Repeatedly. The local supermarket actually has it looped on their television displays, where it's been playing continually for, uh, several weeks. I can't believe anyone still works there.

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Okay, I must share this.

Tonight I was at an international students party for my university here and I met a graduate student from mainland China. He introduced himself by his English name, which was Dean. I smiled politely. I mean I didn't say anything because my (sort of) pop culture references are worthless here, as a rule, but you all know what I was thinking. "Nice to meet you, Dean!" I said.

"Dean Winchester," he continued.

"What," I said. It's like the words are jumping out of my head and into his mouth, so I must be hallucinating or mishearing or something.

"Do you know it?"

"What," I said.

"My favorite show, it's Supernatural!" he said. "Dean is my favorite, so I picked my English name after him! The new season starts this week! Have you seen it?"

I said, "No. Fucking. Way."
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Life in Taiwan is sometimes frustrating but overall it's treating me well—well enough that actually a lot of my anxiety symptoms are almost nonexistent, though see what happens when school really gets going. I don't feel homesick at all but I never felt homesick the previous twenty-plus times I have moved so I guess I am incapable of feeling that emotion, which is fine with me.

Also I'm weirdly liking German this time around, and I wonder if my hate for it had anything to do with how much my previous German teacher openly disliked me. I have enough close friends who are German that speaking it would be really useful to me. I'm also trying to pick up some Thai since I hang out with the Thai expats like one a week and at least five of my closest friends here are Thai, but right now all I can say is hello. Their phonology is insane and all their words just slide out of my head.

I blew some of the last of my money on an electronic dictionary that can look up characters by drawing them, which maybe I shouldn't have but one of my classes is all in Chinese and the textbook is all in Chinese and I'm basically terrified of that class and this is like a weapon to defend myself with.

I stayed up last night reading Lost In Austen and I didn't like it very much because it told you to keep score throughout the whole game and I did and when I got to the end it was all, ADD UP YOUR POINTS. OKAY. YOUR SCORE DOESN'T MATTER BECAUSE DARCY LOVES YOU JUST THAT MUCH. Which would've been aggravating enough but also during my scorekeeping I accidentally got inkstains all over the back casing of my nook and augh. But now I want to write like this epic awesome choose your own adventure, I don't know what about but it'll be amazing. That is my only requirement.
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I am so in love with this quote from my second language acquisition textbook that I am copying it out, damn.
More surprising, we would like to claim, are the miraculous levels of proficiency that second language learners (at all ages) can reach, despite the constraints that are imposed by our biological scheduling. That maturational effects, to a very large extent, can be compensated for is indeed encouraging. The subtle differences that we have assumed to exist between near-native and native proficiency are probably high insignificant in all aspects of the second language speaker's life and endeavors, though very significant for a theory of human capacity for language learning. The highly successful L2 speakers that we have characterized as having reached "only" near-native proficiency are, in fact, nativelike in all contexts except, perhaps, in the laboratory of the linguist with specific interest in second language learning mechanisms.
Something that really frustrates me in my linguistics studies at UA is the fact that I have to basically ignore everything my professors teach about second language acquisition, because it fucking infuriates me. There's a completely unfair emphasis on insignificant accent errors, seriously as far as I can tell half the research seems to be devoted to ferreting out microscopic cognitive differences between native speakers and anyone who learned the language after puberty, and the reigning theory seems to be, "It is impossible to learn a second language, and even if you do you'll never pass as a native speaker no matter how much you try. Critical Period Hypothesis, booyah!"

Blah, blah, linguists are often extremely irritating, news at 11.

I also enjoy the point they make elsewhere about Arnold Schwarzenegger, because seriously, that guy can speak English just as well as I can. He can also speak German, which puts him like, miles ahead of me.

Quote is from Hyltenstam, K., & Abrahamsson, N. (2003) Maturational constraints in SLA. In C. Doughty & M. Long (Eds.), The handbook of second language acquisition (pp. 540-588).
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[ profile] rocknload: dude everything i own is covered in ants
[ profile] rocknload: like, when i take out my books in my classroom
[ profile] rocknload: ants seriously start coming out of my bag and shit
[ profile] rocknload: and off of me
[ profile] penginchan: that's horrible!
[ profile] rocknload: i am like a comic book villain
[ profile] penginchan: you are...
[ profile] penginchan: BUT IS REALLY FROM
[ profile] penginchan: ANT - ARTICA
[ profile] penginchan: getit?!getit?!
[ profile] rocknload: ............
Also I woke up with randomly curly hair, observe.

IDGI, I mean that's not that curly sure, except I didn't do anything to it at all and my hair is like, bone straight. I thought it was bone straight. Do I not have straight hair when I live on a tropical island? I am so confused.
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I dislike a lot of what's going on in this post. And what the hell is happening in this thread: "What's sad is that even Fahrenheit 451 is coming true. They aren't burning the books, though. They're digitizing them, making them into convenient little travel sized bits that slowly but surely are never getting read again." What. Is Project Gutenberg really where the brutal, fascist dystopia begins?

Barely related, bitchy tangent: whenever someone brings up ebooks, someone else without fail brings up the wonderful ~smell~ of an old paper book. Dude, we get it. You wish you lived in a used stationary shop. Me, I sort of enjoy carrying dozens and dozens of free classics with me wherever I go, and I do it everyday. I guess that means I don't love books like you do, and I'm sorry for that.

In other news, I have school, it's terrible. Okay no, not really, but I think it might involve like, work and stuff, boo.

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I told you guys, lawnmower strapped to a cart. My dad said they used to have these back in the States, before they came to their senses.

Every morning I wake up to the garbage truck, which sings like an ice-cream truck except with fewer notes and it parks outside my building. For half an hour at a time. The first time it shows I'm usually too dead to notice, since that's around the six am mark, but around eight when it shows up again, jesus. I rolled over and tried to cover my face with the pillow but since it's like eighty-five degrees in my room on most mornings sleep is precarious anyway and yeah, the pillow isn't cutting it. So I start most mornings out with hate in my soul.

Follow that up with my failure this morning to realize that the water fountain display said "100" because it was dispensing water that was in fact 100º Celsius, and even as an idiot American I really should've figured that out, y'know? "Is that steam? Really? Ohcrap." This is an excellent way to start my first day of school—which technically doesn't start until eight tonight, but, you know, whatever. Whateveeeeeeeer.

My friend K. is taking courses in Chinese, which I think is completely nuts even though I plan on doing exactly the same thing next semester. Looking at her course material though, looks like I'm going to have to fucking study man. Because, well, shit. The reading alone looks like enough to make me weep. Weep, because in five months that's me.
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More news if I ever get the Internet in my freaking dorm room to actually work.
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So [ profile] levade's trip of awesome is coming to an end today, which is terrible! She's been here since Friday, we've gone creek crawling in Sedona, saw Piranha 3D with the Expendables sound track, and then Inception, at a drive in with [ profile] neuroticisizing, we crashed my parent's anniversary resort vacation, and went to the Phoenix Zoo. All in all it was a very cool birthday, I am impressed!

Now I must prepare to drive her back to the airport, sob.

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I have acquired [ profile] levade! She is currently sleeping in the upstairs in my trashed as fuck house, and today we will be going to Sedona! Hopefully!
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My siblings and I have gotten into Red vs. Blue again, a series which has always held a special place in our hearts because we played Halo for like ten years and because each of us strongly identifies with one of main characters and can even map most of our friends to roles on the series. However, my brother's girlfriend also wants to get in on this, and she's decided that, while Bryce is still Grif and Bridgette is still O'Malley, I'm not Church, I'm Sarge, and that she's Tex. Tex, the professional killer and the biggest badass in the whole canyon. Which is annoying enough but, really, Sarge? Sarge? Now she's just trying to insult me.

I got my tests back for my resident visa, and I appear to be free of contagious diseases! Hopefully the Taiwanese consulate will accept the forms I have, which they might not, which would suck because then I'd have to get all those tests done again.

[ profile] levade is coming to visit me tomorrow! Which means today me and [ profile] penginchan are cleaning like, everything. Or trying to. Tomorrow we will pick her up from the airport, the day after that we're going to Sedona, and then Saturday everybody is going to Phoenix for my amazing birthday, which involves [ profile] neuroticisizing and Inception at the drive in and probably a lot of video games and booze before that. Okay, probably not a lot of alcohol, but the arcade is also a bar and I'd like to take advantage of that fact.

Taiwan in thirteen days!
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I am sick, I think. I feel fine so long as I don't get out of bed at all, and when I do my hands start shaking and my head starts hurting and I feel very very tired. So, therefore, I haven't moved from where I feel asleep, which is in the guest bedroom because a beetle crawled into my actual bed last night. If you think that's horrible, that's because it is. Speaking of terrible nights, I also had a research proposal due at midnight yesterday, which still isn't finished because I was weirdly unable to work, which I didn't understand last night but now I feel might be connected to the mysterious I Cannot Move Or Do Anything disease.
Step 1: Post this into your LJ publicly.
Step 2: Others will reply anonymously (if they'd like) about what they really think of you.
Step 3: Cry, because this meme is so brutal, and it hurts.

all comments are screened I am too lazy to screen and unscreen comments; anon is on and ip logging is off.
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I have a Flickr now. If you also have a Flicker we should be friends. My intention here is to put up many awesome pictures of my year in Taiwan and I have a camera so we'll see how that goes. Look I took this pretentious picture of myself.

In the last few days I've seen (500) Days Of Summer and Kick-Ass, and I liked them both a lot. Which I shouldn't, because one of them stars a raging misogynist we're supposed to sympathize with and the other one has a little girl murder, seriously, like forty fucking people. Across five separate scenes. Blood everywhere. My excuse is basically they are good movies and I am a sucker for that sort of thing. I can more easily justify (500) Days of Summer because I don't really see the movie reward Tom's Nice Guy bullshit, even though I'm pretty sure most of the people who watch it see the story as Tom Is The Perfect Boyfriend and Summer Is A Heartless Bitch. The viewers are blinded by JGL's charm but seriously he's put down and called out by almost every character with a speaking part. And as for Kick-Ass, Hit-Girl is actually sort of interesting, and she's not a ~broken little doll~ like every other fictional girl assassin I can think of. Cough. River fucking Tam. Cough.

But mainly the movies have Chloe Moretz, who I have a creepy sort of admiration for. Both movies are pretty problematic, though, don't get me wrong.

I have acquired a bricked BlackBerry 9630. The bricked part would, yes, be the reason I acquired it at no expense to myself, but if I can by magic repair this thing then I can use it in Taiwan. Otherwise when I get there I have to drop the cash to buy a unlocked phone, which will probably be like an entire month's worth of my scholarship money. I'll probably be able to take it home with me but, yeah, ouch.

I will probably find some time in the next week or so to feel bad about turning 25, but right now I'm pretty chill.
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My browser has now made it impossible for me to log out of Facebook what the hell, I click LOGOUT and it does and then ... I am logged in again. I CANNOT GET OUT. Guys, seriously, this is the freaking future. A future in which we can never log out of Facebook no matter what we do.

Just spent the weekend in LA, and I've decided that the city is probably my true nemesis. I was born there, I was raised there, I end up there almost monthly despite my best efforts, I feel like I will just end up there, it's inevitable. All roads lead to Los Angeles.

Like I've been whining about endlessly all over the Internet, I had a blackout on a roller coaster. IT SORT OF FEELS LIKE YOU ARE DYING well it does if you're like me, which means you lean towards hypochondria and you basically know nothing whatsoever about physics or physiology and therefore have no fucking idea why you can't see color, and then you have tunnel vision, and then OH GOD EVERYTHING IS GOING BLACK AND YOU'RE LOSING CONSCIOUSNESS WHERE AM I EVEN OH NOOOOOO. I've been a roller coaster junkie for years and I seriously had no idea that this was even a possibility. I'm also an underweight overtall weakling with blood pressure that can only be called pathetic, so maybe this was inevitable. I didn't overreact or anything though. In fact we went on to ride several rides more, which I'm told were very cool. I sort of, uh, vaguely remember them. My poor brain, man. My poor poor brain.

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I don't use this journal a whole lot anymore for actual blogging, as you've, uh, probably noticed—I've barely been using LJ since last January honestly. I love my journal too much to every outright abandon it (plus LJ hit me with another automatic payment fee, the sneaky bastard) so I'll still be around. Just, you know, less. Most of my personal journaling is at my Dreamwidth and Tumblr now anyway. I just never feel like divulging personal shit when I'm on LJ. Unless, of course, it is to bitch.

Right now my mission is to fill out my visa application. I actually need to get my ass in gear on the whole "moving to a foreign country in a bit over a month" thing, but, you know how it goes. I have, however, given serious thought to what clothes I will bring! And how many! In case you were worried.

Since I have spet almost the entire summer in intensive psycholinguistic and sociolinguistic courses, I am a fount of information that nobody wants to know. Like, here's a quote that is seriously eating me up:
"Mainstream English, as it is defined here, is an abstraction. It is an attempt to isolate from the full set of all varieties of US English those varieties which are not overtly stigmatized, and which find some degree of acceptance and favor over space and social distinctions. As we will see, these varieties are not coincidentally the language of primarily white, middle- and upper-middle-class, an midwestern American communities."
I know I have been beating the "self-described grammar nazis are fucking classist" drum for a while now, but woah, that's a way harder line than I ever took before. AND IT IS CORRECT, TOO. I want to read this whole book, not just the excerpts we got in class. Edit: This is the book, English with an Accent: Language, Ideology and Discrimination in the United States.
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I think I will continue watching soccer even now that the World Cup is over I loved following this thing.
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So it seems that the National Chung Hsing University in Taiwan lists me as one of their incoming exchange students for the 2010-2011 school year. The incredible excitement I feel I should be experiencing is apparently manifesting as a really strong urge to throw up.


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