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It's not that I don't understand calls to boycott Arizona and I'm pissed at the laws being passed here as much as pretty much anyone, but the thought of the boycotts themselves sort of leave a pit in my stomach. I mean, our economy is hella shitty, jobs are scarce and it's not hard to imagine who will be most effected if well-meaning people from other states try to damage the economic situation here even more. I admit I am also seeing this through the eyes of, "Wow, if this actually worked it could possibly fuck up my life." but really, if people want to help they should probably do something that would ... I don't know, help. But the boycotting thing seems to be a great opportunity for people to feel better about themselves while ignoring the fact that they're not only not helping but might actually be making things worse. And we did not even elect Jan Brewer, okay. Said link also has some suggestions for things that might actually help, most of which involve supporting Arizona fix it ourselves.

I've been fucking around on Tumblr a lot, recently. After finally getting the hang of it I officially declare the site neato. If you guys have Tumblrs you should totally cough 'em up.

Final grades starting to trickle in, I have so far gotten a B in Spanish composition, a B in intermediate Chinese, and an A in Phonetics. I've just barely earned all of these grades, like my actual grades were an 80, 81, and a 90.2 or something. I'll be done with everything here on Friday, and I'll be back in Flagstaff for the summer from this weekend. Hooray.
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"Let's go back to the Sedona channel—all fruitcakes, all the time."

Whatever you can say about Penn and Teller, they just won forever.

Edit: Just finished reading the whole manga, and now I want to see Speed Racer again so bad.


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