Oct. 15th, 2009 12:40 am
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fuck my internet and it fucking disconnecting for hours at random like twice a week WHAT DO I PAY FOR CHRIST
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I sometimes get sort of bitchy when people complain about their glasses. I actually feel bad about this, because not being able to see sucks all around, but I can't always help it, and suddenly I realized I could use THE POWER OF TECHNOLOGY to demonstrate why. This is a charming photograph of some trees, and how I suspect it'd look to people who can actually see.

This is how the photograph looks to most people I hear bitching about their glasses, their contacts, or their inability to see the classroom whiteboard, I know because usually their uncorrected vision is around the same as my corrected vision right now. These are the people who sometimes go, "Oh, I forgot to bring my glasses to school today! Haha!" I sometimes hate these people.

And this is how things look for me. I know it's not that bad, -7.00 is considered severe but I think myopia can get to like, -20.00 or some outrageously high number. BUT IT STILL SUCKS. I just had to go back to the doctor to rule out a degenerative eye disorder, because your eyes are supposed to stop getting worse by the time you're twenty or so, but mine aren't and I need a new prescription and now reading glasses. I'm sort of worried that my eyes are going to get worse and worse for my whole life and in a decade I'll have serious problems rather than the constant inconvenience my vision causes me now. It already affects pretty much every aspect of my life, what if it got worse, man.

Apparently a lot of people think that glasses make your eyes worse and if you didn't wear them, you would be fine! Oh, gee, thanks for that. Clearly I am doing this to myself and if I would only voluntarily shoulder a disability -- because if I didn't wear my glasses I'd be freaking disabled, there's no other way to put it -- I'd actually be cured! Awesome.
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So, anyway, turned out I was having a fairly serious allergic reaction to the birth control I was prescribed two weeks ago. The pills themselves were a fucking lifesaver, and I thought most side affects were worth being almost unable to leave the house for two weeks, but no, turns out that a reaction like this was not a fair trade off, really. They gave me a bunch of steroids, a bunch of antihistamines, and an epinephrine pen just in case the swelling goes up again and tries to suffocate me, since it was attacking my neck and face pretty intently before the medication kicked in. I think the worst is over now, though I've still got lots of small raised red patches left and a rather intense feeling of unwell.

I have to go back to the doctor next week.

There's a possibility the steroids will make me absolutely insane and crap, man, I'm just annoyed at everything.
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I'm seriously in fucking awe of what a horrible day I'm having. That's all I'm feeling. Awe.

I'm not even going to articulate it all because I don't want to get pissed off all over again but honestly, if my eyes weren't dried out from the contacts that are stuck in them, I'd probably be tearing up over here. And I don't cry when I'm sad, I cry when I'm too fucking furious for words.

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→ So, everyone who thinks my sleep issues are in my head. How do you explain how I wake up in the morning after having only three hours of sleep? That's a rhetorical question.

→ Playing Dean Winchester at [livejournal.com profile] polychromatic, now. God, I love that jerk.

→ Still answering comments from the DMC friending meme, which was lots of fun. Hey, new folks from that!

→ Note to self: call Walmart and beg them to hire me. Man, it's actually come to this.

→ And fucking write something today, failure. That's right, failure. I've barely written a thing in weeks except drabble requests. Failure.

→ ... My sleep issues are in my head, ow.

→ French midterm today. It's the reason I can't go back to sleep. I'll probably do fine on the test... but man, am I failing the class. So hard.


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