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I dislike a lot of what's going on in this post. And what the hell is happening in this thread: "What's sad is that even Fahrenheit 451 is coming true. They aren't burning the books, though. They're digitizing them, making them into convenient little travel sized bits that slowly but surely are never getting read again." What. Is Project Gutenberg really where the brutal, fascist dystopia begins?

Barely related, bitchy tangent: whenever someone brings up ebooks, someone else without fail brings up the wonderful ~smell~ of an old paper book. Dude, we get it. You wish you lived in a used stationary shop. Me, I sort of enjoy carrying dozens and dozens of free classics with me wherever I go, and I do it everyday. I guess that means I don't love books like you do, and I'm sorry for that.

In other news, I have school, it's terrible. Okay no, not really, but I think it might involve like, work and stuff, boo.

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I told you guys, lawnmower strapped to a cart. My dad said they used to have these back in the States, before they came to their senses.

Every morning I wake up to the garbage truck, which sings like an ice-cream truck except with fewer notes and it parks outside my building. For half an hour at a time. The first time it shows I'm usually too dead to notice, since that's around the six am mark, but around eight when it shows up again, jesus. I rolled over and tried to cover my face with the pillow but since it's like eighty-five degrees in my room on most mornings sleep is precarious anyway and yeah, the pillow isn't cutting it. So I start most mornings out with hate in my soul.

Follow that up with my failure this morning to realize that the water fountain display said "100" because it was dispensing water that was in fact 100º Celsius, and even as an idiot American I really should've figured that out, y'know? "Is that steam? Really? Ohcrap." This is an excellent way to start my first day of school—which technically doesn't start until eight tonight, but, you know, whatever. Whateveeeeeeeer.

My friend K. is taking courses in Chinese, which I think is completely nuts even though I plan on doing exactly the same thing next semester. Looking at her course material though, looks like I'm going to have to fucking study man. Because, well, shit. The reading alone looks like enough to make me weep. Weep, because in five months that's me.
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