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My brother scored Appetite for Destruction on vinyl and didn't think that was worth mentioning to me. I came home, and like I usually do when I'm here, the first thing I did was check my record collection to make everything's where I left it—and then, "Dude, where the fuck did this come from?"

My collection is still a baby collection, though. I've got a Black Sabbath and a Blue Öyster Cult and a Kansas, and an All That Remains I actually got autographed, and of course Back In Black and Master of Puppets—the AC/DC was actually printed in the 80s, it was my Christmas present last year. I love my collection. Since Bryce was kind enough to get me the GNR—he might've said something about it being his and not mine, but who cares, right?—next up is Hysteria. And more Metallica, obviously, and more AC/DC too, but those stupid jerks insisted on making a million albums that were actually good and I can't figure out which ones I want next.

More Star Trek stuff: [ profile] startrek2009, a general discussion community modded by, uh, some person, and now I'm helping out at [ profile] startrekfic, and [ profile] st_reboot is really awesome, and I'm really stupidly proud of something I wrote at [ profile] st_xi_kink. [ profile] brown_betty wrote a neat post here reccing the better episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series, and basically AWESOME NEW FANDOM IS AWESOME enough said.

It's my brother's twenty-first birthday today. If I spend the night partying at Buffalo Wild Wings, does that, like, cancel out dork in this entry?

School stuff's happened, but it's all boring. So glad I'm almost done and my grades are coming back. My nightmare about finals last night isn't something I wanna repeat.
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So. Dreamwidth. I like the site a lot, and I hope I can split my Internet attention even further and put my account over there to good use. [ profile] immelmanturn brought up the concern that she wouldn't be able to keep up with her friends over there, and after investigating the problem, I discovered you can set up an RSS feed of your Dreamwidth like so: [ profile] today_dw. LJ users can friend those. I'm really aware of the fact that "discovered" in this case means "realized something that almost the entire Internet already knows." Still! I encourage other people with DWs to do the same! If you don't plan on crossposting, anyway. I don't, because I think I'm going to try and stash all my writing stuff over there.

Also, if I don't have anyone here already added? Your usernames, cough 'em up.

School is winding down, and in my head I've already moved back to Flagstaff—I'm going home at every opportunity, and only come back down here to take exams and stuff. My family's taking over running a taekwondo studio, as some of you guys know, and with that apparently comes drama. We're talking theft, blackmail, lies, betrayal—it's like it's right out of a shounen sports manga. Serious business. It also has involved a serious amount of work, and so far most of that's been serious, disgusting cleaning. I spent yesterday working with my brother, climbing up on the roof of the offices. We had to swing from the I-beams in the roof, in order to clean up piles of filth and dirt off an indoor storage area that I'm pretty sure hasn't been cleaned or even seen in years. I'm surprised I didn't have an asthma attack right there.

I'm probably going to end up doing a lot of work there this summer. I'm wondering if I can put the volunteer hours on a resume, because I'm not going to get paid and that'd be nice. I have enough jobs for my resume, I'm pretty sure, this would be something new and interesting.
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[ profile] rocknload: What happened?
[ profile] penginchan: Other dog tried to steal Gokus food they got in fught, Daddy was in between them.
[ profile] penginchans: He's bleeding a lot!
[ profile] rocknload: Shit, seriously?
[ profile] penginchan: Also, I can only type with one hand because earliuer today I melt
[ profile] rocknload: Like, stitches seriously?
[ profile] penginchan: myself to a soldering iron and a piece oif plkastic.
[ profile] rocknload: What the fuck is wrong with you people?
[ profile] penginchan: Uh, can;t stich because it's a puncure wound but yeah, he's bleeding all over the place.
[ profile] penginchan: Nothing!
[ profile] rocknload: Jesus Christ.
[ profile] penginchan: I was actually proud of myself, I didn't make a sound when it happened, even thought it might be the most painful thing I've endured!
[ profile] penginchan: Now Daddys hand is all wrapped up, and blood is still coming out. DX
[ profile] penginchan: I neecd to go clean up the blood now, here's Mommy!

I instant message my family. I don't call home.

We're going to have to do something with the dog, obviously, but it's hard while Peanut's owner is still serving her DUI sentence in Camp Verde. All disasters aside, my family's still pretty cheery. As of last night my father is now the owner of his own martial arts studio, and my kid brother and sister are his eager minions in running it.
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[ profile] heytherenatalie, could we meet up maybe next weekend? My parents offered to buy me a Greyhound ticket to go home this weekend.

If I do go home, I think I'll bring my old skateboard back down; they're pretty common around campus, and I could use a faster mode of transportation then walking ... even if it's only, uh, marginally faster. And I don't know if I just suck at time management or what, but it seems like every damn day I have three or four hours worth of homework at least, holy crap—but I'm turning in everything, which for me is really amazing. How can I get a job, do all that, go to all my classes, and also sleep at night?

Not that I'm actually doing a lot of sleeping. Man, the sleeping porch has been cold the last few nights, and that just makes it worse.
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My remarkably shitty day—waking up at seven, spending hours wrestling with the school, signing up for bullshit classes I might end up trapped in, driving to Phoenix and then directly home in order to make a shift at GameStop—was vastly improved when my brother bought me this.
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Rewatching Raiders of the Lost Ark has given me the terrible suspicion that, as much as I wish I was Indiana Jones, I actually behave a great deal like Marion Ravenwood. Probably more like her than any female character I've ever actually seen. No wonder she irritates me so thoroughly.

Continuing my trend of hate, I utterly loathe the idiot woman who has taken advantage of my mother's ignorance of the Internet in order to get a hundred and fifty bucks out of her. Guess who gets to deliver the disappointing blow that what she promised is not, in fact, possible? You guessed right, it's me.

I have the highest grade in my summer class, pre-exam, which means that grade is totally based on homework. Full marks on, like, everything. That, my friends, is a sign that I've fallen into some kind of bizarre alternate dimension.

My teacher fully supports the rivalry thing me and Bryce have going. I'm beating him by eleven points. "Well, you rock," she said.

... What the hell is happening to the way I write?! Needs more ain't, fucking, and gonna.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Thanks to the apparent "awesome" that is Budokai Tenchi for the Wii, I've been injured by a video game that I was not even playing. Nintendo provides nifty wrist straps to save your television from flying Wiimotes, but doesn't think to warn you about the dangers of taking a flying elbow to the fucking face.

Of course, no one that didn't happen to be me even noticed, and the game went right on like nothing had happened.

Have you ever turned off a television a bunch of gamers were using? Mid-battle? I haven't been called that many insults strung together in entire weeks.

By the way?

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Proof my dad is amazing? He came downtown at eleven o'clock at night, called AAA and took care of my flat tire, dealt with me and [ profile] yamiaudra's drunk asses with nothing more than a smirk, and even moved my truck. Because I was obviously in no position to do it myself.

And a couple hours later Bryce and Zack came and found us to take us home.

I sometimes wonder if my family and friends are so excessively cool it prevents me from ever having to learn to take care of myself.

Before all that, me and Audra spent the day in Jerome, and drove back through Sedona. I think I've put two hundred and fifty miles on my truck since I bought it, and I've learned the geography of northern Arizona way better than I thought I could in, say, a day and a half of random driving. I've also spent about fifty bucks in gas. >___>

Since it's already three AM, I've got class at ten tomorrow, and I have to work all weekend and might have to take a plane from California back to Arizona--I can't even imagine when the next time I won't be dead to the world will be.
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I'm trying to think of the words to explain my mood, but really, all I can come up with is


so obviously, my creativity knows no bounds. Or something.
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Bridgette: I'm taking your things, Brittany. How does that make you feel?
Brittany: Robbed.
Bridgette: *walking away with my stuff in her hands* ♪Taking is like giving if you're at the other end~♪

I don't think I've got people's respect.

[ profile] goyutasama has charged me with writing her fanfiction to suit her interests and then sending them to her. I'm supposed to feel sorry for her because she's trapped on the US Kitty Hawk out on the ocean in a location she's not allowed to disclose with absolutely no Internet outside of her email and basically nothing to do for entertainment. Tch, it takes more than that to inspire pity from me.

... Maybe I'll get that Dexter/Psych she always wanted started later today.

I can't wait for my mom to get up. I'm going to utterly destroy Newsies for her. I've also got to convince my parents to watch American Psycho, because for one, that movie's hilarious, and also because me and Bryce make references to it pretty constantly, now. Because it's hilarious.

I think I'll apply at Little America. [ profile] yamiaudra tells me they're always hiring and a quick perusal of the classified ads confirms this theory. And I'll clean the bathroom. And work on the kitchen. And I think I've got some laundry that needs washing. I'm up bright and early, might as well get something done, yeah?

Edit: For someone who considers themselves so lucky, a remarkable number of statistically improbably bad things happen to me.

... And I really liked living without my parents. A lot.
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I know an obscene number of severely awesome people and bizarrely ridiculous things happen to me on a regular basis. What can I do to make sure this trend continues for the rest of my life?

Edit at some late hour: Maybe I am becoming delirious.

More stuff: Fuck Phantom. In the... giant lava eye. I don't know.
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A few minutes ago, a man tried to make off with my last slice of pizza. I grabbed a cookbook off the kitchen table and lobbed it as hard as I could at that son of a bitch's head. Alas, I missed, but after I chased him into a storage closet and pounded on the door for a minute, shouting obscenities and death threats, he relinquished the slice.

What was left of it.

My brother is a fucking bastard.
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Today, while listening to my plans for next weekend, Charlotte commented that I have too many friends. Now, I don't believe you can have too many friends! And I doubt I have as many as she thinks, but... It honestly is not something I ever expected anyone to tell me! Ever.

Snowman came out okay! I ended up tackling my sister and packing snow into her face. And then my dad and Charlotte threw more snow at my head.

Cell phone problem has been worked around, not solved. I need a charger for the phone I found but after that it should work properly. I'm missing some numbers, I think. The phone is off at the moment, so don't try to call--and seriously don't leave me like ten fucking messages or however many it was of Hinder at high volume.



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