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Title: Redesign
Author: Brittany
Fandom: Transformers (2007)
Rating: PG
Words: 1700
Summary: [one shot] Sam has a lot of new things to get used to, and two things in particular.


If there’s one thing Sam doesn’t know how to do— )
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I'm going to have to go back to my writing journal if I keep this up.

Title: Too Close
Author: Brittany ([ profile] sterlingsylver)
Fandom: Transformers (2007)
Words: 900
Summary: Missing scene, Sam and Mikaela; “You don’t have to be here, you know.”
Author’s Notes: All kinds of introspective, because [ profile] halflng_rogue and I were arguing about whether or not Mikaela is a Mary Sue. And then [ profile] pushpushlady agreed. You guys all suck, man. ;_______; Mikaela rules.


They were sitting too close together. )
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Title: Don’t Touch That Dial
Author: Brittany ([ profile] sterlingsylver)
Fandom: Supernatural/Transformers
Rating: PG
Words: ~6000
Summary: [one shot] A hunch on Sam Winchester’s part leads to a major headache for Sam Witwicky.
Author’s Notes: This was inspired by a very brief conversation with [ profile] sakebi. It was conceived and partially written before I realized that there are two Sams. Uh. This is only a slight problem from a narrative standpoint. Work with me. Reposted 'cause I suck, but finished now. Thanks to [ profile] penginchan and [ profile] overdramatized for reading it for me~. ^^
Edit: And thank you, anonymous reviewer on, for reminding me that Camaros do not have rear doors! ^^;;; Fixed, now...


Sam makes sure he's got everything ready... )


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