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Okay now that I'm done with the series I'm going to talk about KO One. BUT FIRST, A CLIP OF HOW AMAZING IT IS.


I love this show and everybody else should too.



Anyway I'm having like an emo day man. Everyday is an emo day. Also I can't decide if it's better to get yelled at in Chinese I don't understand or Chinese I do understand. I guess it's a good sign that the second thing is what happens more and more often, but man! Stop yelling at me! 拜託你,不要再罵我好不好。 I can't make my listening comprehension get better by magic and lecturing me about it isn't going to help goddamn.

Also now I have no American friends here and now I have no Internet connection in my dorm, prepare for my English to get far worse than it is already since I get virtually zero exposure to the language anymore. Sob. Sooooob.
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Okay, since I'm trapped in my dorm room until I finish these translations for night school tonight, and also because I just finished an entire television show without English subtitles—go me! go me! I AM AWESOME.—I have decided to recap said drama. If I say anything about the show that is wrong, keep in mind how it was in Chinese, and I don't speak Chinese.

spoilers within IDK IF ANYBODY CARES BUT )

Okay back to translations, ugh.
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So today I like, love Taiwan. Possibly it's because I spent like seven hours at one of the best night markets in the country today and bought a fuckton of clothes and food and stuff for like, thirty dollars, total. And I was there with friends and it was super fun and I spoke Chinese at people and didn't suck at it, and I met a Californian that owns a frozen yogurt joint there WHICH IS DELICIOUS and we chatted in American English for a bit and then I came home and found a new Taiwanese musician that I am like, completely in love with right now.


So to celebrate my sudden overwhelming love, have a giant picspam of Taiwanese people you should know.

these are all fabulous entertainers and amazingly talented people and a lot of them even appear to be startlingly nice and there's tons of non-shallow reasons to like and admire them--but I am not going to give you any )

plz no comments about how hot (or not) you find asians, you will kill my happy buzz

but yeah, right now my fandom is basically the entire entertainment industry of taiwan

I am sorry if you have to talk to me for like ... probably the next year, because yeah this is going to come up repeatedly

if you want to know more about any of these people, you only need to ask. you might not even need to ask tbh. you might not even want to know.


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