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Tonight I got to see an Asian superstar in person, which totally didn't impress me at all because I never heard of Wang Leehom (王力宏) before I got to Taiwan—even though the guy was born and raised in New York. But I didn't realize how American the guy really was until he talked in person; he didn't speak in English but he was tired and distracted and had this accent when he was speaking Mandarin and I'm not even sure what it was, but something about him was like, DUDE, you are ONE OF US.

Then I watched some Youtube clips of him in Thailand and he's all, "I'm like, so fascinated just, like, looking at the writing, but it's soo hard to write. You got like—it looks like a math equation... I wish I could read this."

So American. I feel such kinship with all Americans.

I'm trying to participate in [community profile] origfic_bingo. I'm so bad at writing lately, and in the last several months I have managed one half of one bad Inception fanfiction. Since one of my classes was canceled I mean, I should have tons of time—it doesn't feel like I do, and I'm probably going to start tutoring people in English and I want to join this club that helps out some local aboriginal people. So much stuff man. I will never run out of stuff I want to do here. BUT MAYBE I'LL GET TO THE WRITING. MAYBE.

I can't stop listening to this horrible K-pop song, I think it's killing me from the inside. I know I saw it in the States before but it's fucking everywhere here, it was only a matter of time before I encountered it again. Repeatedly. The local supermarket actually has it looped on their television displays, where it's been playing continually for, uh, several weeks. I can't believe anyone still works there.

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To demonstrate how frighteningly young Trivium is, on their tour this month one of their lead guitarists had to be temporarily replaced so he could get his wisdom teeth removed. Okay, Paolo is only a month younger than me, but that's still scary! Especially since the band's been around for ten years. I feel so inadequate. Anyway, if you hate cookie cutter emo metal music—think AFI, 36 Crazyfists, Atreyu, Taking Back Sunday and other bands which could theoretically play the Warp Tour—you should love Tomorrow Is Monday, here performing their epic hit, "Head On Collision With Rosebush Catching On Fire."

This is a joke by Trivium's lead singer Matt Heafy proving that you can write, perform, and record one of these songs in fifty-seven minutes, no lie.

Also by Wikipedia-surfing I found out that Mesa, Arizona helped make emo mainstream?! No! Arizona wouldn't do something like that!
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[Poll #1399469]
Poll title reveals my prejudice, but I'm told that the lyrics to Unforgiven are actually autobiographical. Ha! Haha! Yes, they are my favorite band, but I'll note that happened entirely against my will, after spending my entire adolescence thinking they were the most overrated musicians of all time—I'm not sure my position on that has changed, actually.

One more final! I'm outta here the day after tomorrow! Which is less cheery than it sounds, and way less awesome than it would've been a week or two ago. Lately I've found the best way to deal with my family is with a minimum blood alcohol level of 0.04 or so.
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My brother scored Appetite for Destruction on vinyl and didn't think that was worth mentioning to me. I came home, and like I usually do when I'm here, the first thing I did was check my record collection to make everything's where I left it—and then, "Dude, where the fuck did this come from?"

My collection is still a baby collection, though. I've got a Black Sabbath and a Blue Öyster Cult and a Kansas, and an All That Remains I actually got autographed, and of course Back In Black and Master of Puppets—the AC/DC was actually printed in the 80s, it was my Christmas present last year. I love my collection. Since Bryce was kind enough to get me the GNR—he might've said something about it being his and not mine, but who cares, right?—next up is Hysteria. And more Metallica, obviously, and more AC/DC too, but those stupid jerks insisted on making a million albums that were actually good and I can't figure out which ones I want next.

More Star Trek stuff: [ profile] startrek2009, a general discussion community modded by, uh, some person, and now I'm helping out at [ profile] startrekfic, and [ profile] st_reboot is really awesome, and I'm really stupidly proud of something I wrote at [ profile] st_xi_kink. [ profile] brown_betty wrote a neat post here reccing the better episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series, and basically AWESOME NEW FANDOM IS AWESOME enough said.

It's my brother's twenty-first birthday today. If I spend the night partying at Buffalo Wild Wings, does that, like, cancel out dork in this entry?

School stuff's happened, but it's all boring. So glad I'm almost done and my grades are coming back. My nightmare about finals last night isn't something I wanna repeat.


Jun. 19th, 2008 12:51 pm
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1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload, if you feel like it) 5 10 songs that start with that letter.
3. Post that to your journal with these instructions.

Everyone's probably heard most of these songs.

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama
Megadeth - Symphony of Destruction
Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine
Big Reel Fish - Somebody Loved Me
Spineshank - Smothered
All That Remains - Six
Flogging Molly - Seven Deadly Sins
Unwritten Law - Seein' Red
Bullets and Octane - Save Me Sorrow
Emily Bindiger - a stray child

And, for [ profile] levade, Bring Me the Head of Andy Warhol and Unstable.
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Does anyone have Highway to Hell? I really want that song, but iTunes doesn't have any AC/DC at all.

I've spent the last couple days pouring over the classes I'm going to have to take next semester. Over the next couple semesters, really. It irks me that biology--one of my great enemies--is going to be a regular part of my life for like the next year and a half. And I've gotta get my CNA certification next semester.

School policy means that the more credits I take a semester, the more money I'll save.

I'll also have two part time jobs (surveying is easily full time now, but that'll drop when I'm in class) and I kind of suck at school. We'll see.

Tinos goes back to Germany tomorrow, Tim and Sylvia are moving out tonight. Apparently.

One more thing!

[ profile] pushpushlady: BRITTANY
[ profile] pushpushlady: YOU'REABITCH
[ profile] pushpushlady: ANDIHATEYOU

There is no context for this, it's worth noting.
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Guys, I've got a confession. I've... been listening to Metallica pretty constantly for the last two days. I blame the fact that I've apped Dean Winchester at [ profile] polychromatic. (Due to talking [ profile] levade into apping Sam, and [ profile] arcesso and [ profile] ignipotent talking me into it first place.)

But I hate Metallica.

And this video is hilarious. "If you have trouble telling them apart, remember, Nero is more of a pussy, and Dante's more of a cunt."

Edit: I don't remember falling on my face yesterday, but obviously it happened. There's a spot on my jawline that's so sore that my mouth is twisting into a terrible grimace as I prod it incessantly.
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Trivium opened with One Winged Angel. Yeah, from Final Fantasy VII.

We -- me, Bryce, Bridgette, Skylar, and Chase -- started smack in the middle of a giant freaking mosh pit.

Somehow, I was reunited with my brother and sister. This is quite remarkable when you consider the fact that Bridgette spent the first song crowd surfing.

Through much shoving and clinging, we managed to make our way to the very fucking front. Bryce and Bridgette were up against the bar and I was between and behind them.

Granted, during all of this? Hardcore fucking moshing. People are slamming up against us, security is drenching us with water bottles, we're coated with other people's sweat. I got kicked in the head three times by crowd surfers and also punched in the nose. It bled for a bit, and a security guy offered to get me out of there. Ahaha. Hell no! I bled all over my shirt.

We're also getting the fucking life crushed out of us, up against the bar. People had to get dragged out of there, once in a while.

And during all of this, Matt Heafy -- lead singer -- notices my sister. "Are you okay?" he asks her, three separate times. He asks the crowd to be kind to the people up front, to not smash them! The people don't really listen...

And at the end of the show, Matt Heafy leaned down off the stage and handed Bridgette his pick. He threw the spares into the crowd, but he fucking gave her the pick she used. She'll treasure it forever, I'm pretty sure.

Jesus Christ, I don't even know what I'm soaked in. I better change my clothes.

The music was fucking amazing. Jesus. Anyone want some Trivium? I've got all of it.


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