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My linguistics final went shockingly well, except due to running on literally no sleep at all I couldn't think of a proper example of a Spoonerism, and so in desperation I scrawled down "cupid stunts," which I think is a username I've seen around [ profile] sf_drama. Yes. On my hardest final for my most important class, on this ridiculously serious business test, I wrote cunt down as my demonstrative example. Bonus irony points for the fact that on another section of the test I focused on social dialects and how we choose the appropriate words for particular social situations.

That was the very last question I had to answer for this class or any class at all for the entire semester—nay, school year. I'm so done.
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Oh man guys I did like everything wrong and my final is scheduled for eight o'clock in the morning not at night and now I don't get any sleep tonight which actually isn't that big a deal I mean I'll live and also I've got no time to do any last minute studying which also isn't a big deal since I'm pretty confident about the material but the real horror of all this is the fact that I've fucked up my checkout and moving home stuff like I can't even believe and I need to be out of here an entire day earlier and that day is in fact tomorrow by which I mean today it's almost five in the morning and oh my god it's maybe more of a big deal than I thought just a second ago and aaaaaaaaa



I haven't moved or stood up or spoken or called anyone or done anything at all since I made this shocking realization. My face is a blank slate of panic. My expression is wide-eyed and slack-jawed. I'm not even swearing my whole reaction is just, "Oh. Man."

i attempted to get advice from my brother. it all ended in tears. )


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