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Added some folks from the Star Trek 2009 Friending Meme. Hello!

In even less exciting news, I'm back at university to take my final two ... finals. Some of my grades are already coming back; this semester came out okay, and probably better than could've been expected, considering I spent almost the entire goddamn time with strep throat—I ended up missing like two weeks of classes, if you add up all the times I had to miss because I was too sick. College is still soul crushingly difficult for me, but I'm actually sort of confident that I can do this just three more times. That's it! Three more times.

It's like a chant. It has replaced my old motto, which was, "I'm the best, I'm good at everything, and nobody hates me."

Actually, I think I'll keep the old motto, too.

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My brother scored Appetite for Destruction on vinyl and didn't think that was worth mentioning to me. I came home, and like I usually do when I'm here, the first thing I did was check my record collection to make everything's where I left it—and then, "Dude, where the fuck did this come from?"

My collection is still a baby collection, though. I've got a Black Sabbath and a Blue Öyster Cult and a Kansas, and an All That Remains I actually got autographed, and of course Back In Black and Master of Puppets—the AC/DC was actually printed in the 80s, it was my Christmas present last year. I love my collection. Since Bryce was kind enough to get me the GNR—he might've said something about it being his and not mine, but who cares, right?—next up is Hysteria. And more Metallica, obviously, and more AC/DC too, but those stupid jerks insisted on making a million albums that were actually good and I can't figure out which ones I want next.

More Star Trek stuff: [ profile] startrek2009, a general discussion community modded by, uh, some person, and now I'm helping out at [ profile] startrekfic, and [ profile] st_reboot is really awesome, and I'm really stupidly proud of something I wrote at [ profile] st_xi_kink. [ profile] brown_betty wrote a neat post here reccing the better episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series, and basically AWESOME NEW FANDOM IS AWESOME enough said.

It's my brother's twenty-first birthday today. If I spend the night partying at Buffalo Wild Wings, does that, like, cancel out dork in this entry?

School stuff's happened, but it's all boring. So glad I'm almost done and my grades are coming back. My nightmare about finals last night isn't something I wanna repeat.
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Man, he had better be intact at the end. >/ Jesus, the budget they must have on that thing. I LIKE SAM BEING ALL LEADERY AND STUFF, he has grown. It doesn't really show anyone else that much, and I didn't even see Bumblebee? Clearly, I have to watch that repeatedly and analyze every frame.

In another movie-related news, I also really enjoy watching this, though that might be because I really liked the song and the movie. Also I'm a sucker for song-dance things. As is made obvious by my infatuation with Newsies.



Oh my god, I've heard the guy say two lines and I can already tell that Karl Urban is going to be a fan-fucking-tastic McCoy. I mean. He just sounds like him, and he looks like him, not in the way that he looks exactly like the actor, but he looks like he's being the character, and jkfldj kdsj kldjlsjfls djfs fs. Kirk doesn't have me totally sold but whenever he talks to Spock or McCoy, especially if they are doing OMGTEAMWORK, it works so damn well. If these trailers are tricking me and they've done it all wrong then someone's going to pay, they will pay dearly.


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