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It's no longer an ear infection! Oh, they're probably still infected, but they don't hurt much anymore so I'm ignoring them, I'm distracted by my eyes. They've turned Jesus fucking Christ red, coated in slime, and they actually crusted over in the night last night. Too gross? Well imagine how I felt when I was all I CAN'T OPEN MY EEEEEEEYES D: Today I've missed my first day at my paying job, and you probably all know how I feel about that. My illness now seems so ridiculous to me! I don't even blame you if you don't care or you think I'm exaggerating or what the fuck ever, 'cause I don't know if I believe in it, anymore.

But none of this matters! Because I just got this email.
Based on your EFC of 01133, you appear to be eligible to receive a Federal Pell Grant of up to $4200 for the 2009-2010 school year.
I can't breathe.

Next semester is actually looking to be insanely awesome. I'm getting free money, I'm taking Chinese, French, and Spanish, plus I've been offered independent study credits to help some linguist in his lab, I'm taking an entire course in syntax, which I could seriously do all day, I'm trying to get into this gorgeous place, which seems out of my price range but whenever I crunch the numbers actually isn't, I'll have my truck in Tucson, possibly one of my motorcycles, and weekend work with my dad to make the bills I can't cover with loans.

I'm just sitting here waiting for things to go terribly wrong.
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Because, as previously mentioned, I've been quite the bitch lately.

I just slept for fucking forever, and I'm so behind on the Internet, man. I've been gone for the past two days to Thatcher, surveying a Comfort Inn, which somehow managed to involve a lot of fruitless searches for monuments in some dude's farmland, and my brother threatened to shove me into a flooded irrigation ditch.

I'm dreading going back to school like I can't even explain—it's already Thursday, holy crap. I hate Tucson so fucking much, I don't want to go back.
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Guys, guys. I've got work this weekend. We have a job in Phoenix! Of course, my bastard brother actually got to go to California over the weekend to measure some stuff at Rattlesnake Ridge—I am so glad I named that job, I had no idea it was going to be such a reoccurring thing—though he probably doesn't appreciate my jealousy, since he's already working full time at the store.

I'm pretty much done with homework for the week and man I get to spend the afternoon screwing around totally guilt free.
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LJ, don't die on me now!

Holy crap, my spine hurts, a lot, whether I'm sitting, standing, or lying down. How bizarre. I don't think I did anything to it or anything. I woke up at five in the morning because of it and ended up staying awake for nearly an hour. I am displeased.

We have a surveying job! And so I'm heading to Phoenix for work. My father says he'll replace HAL's cord in lieu of payment.
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Finished my first exam in less than ten minutes, which leads me to suspect that something is deeply wrong with the paper I turned in. And this is after showing up ten minutes late to class due to being so fucking tired I could barely drag myself out of bed this morning, which wasn't my fault--we didn't get in until one last night.

In fact, turning on this song was the only way I could manage to get up when I did. Because it amuses me.

... God, I am fucking tired. I can't even wax eloquent sarcastic about it, man.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Tomorrow Bryce and I are planning on hitting the theaters with anyone who doesn't mind seeing movies twice, to catch Iron Man and Indiana Jones again before the movies go the way of Speed Racer, which we were planning on rewatching, too, but it's gone, gone, gone, damnit.

My inability to write anything depresses me.

Today we're finished up an herb farm here in Oceanside, and driving home late. The city would be cooler if we could actually, like, see the ocean, which is rumored to be around here somewhere.

Our instruments start frying at around 105 degrees, according to some bad data taken yesterday. By amazing coincidence, this is the temperature starts frying my brain, and when it gets hotter I begin to wander the job sites in a heat drunk stupor. Because of this--the instruments malfunctioning, not me--my dad's going to start restructuring our work schedule, to which I say THANK FUCKING GOD.
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The highlight of yesterday was either one of two things.

It was possibly the utter ridiculousness of being told that I'd accidentally graduated from community college with an AA in General Studies, and my diploma would come in the mail and would I like to participate in the ceremony next spring?

Or maybe it was driving home from work at ten under the speed limit because the Iron Man stand up in the cab of my truck was blocking me so I couldn't shift above third gear, all the while trying to drown out the DING DING DING sound of something else going terribly wrong by turning up U2 so high the music rattled my speakers and shouting, "I am not walking home in a snow storm; I am not walking home in a snow storm in May."

Also pretty fucking ridiculous.
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I don't remotely miss my insomnia, but it had its perks. Well. One single perk, and that was staying up obscenely late had no consequences at all. Because I didn't have a choice in the matter, and I did that anyway. And getting up early wasn't a problem either, because I did that everyday, too.

... Okay, I miss my insomnia even less, now. But I'm tired. That's what I'm saying here. I'm very tired, it's my own fault and it sucks.

Shift at GameStop means I miss out on the next trip to Oceanside, no more farmland for me, but that won't be until Thursday or Friday or whenever. For now, and for the next couple days, it's gonna be gas stations. Gas station after gas station, and it's a good thing we're ninja masters when it comes to measuring those, because then it'll be just a bit more bearable. Except my dad might push to get three done in a day, but when you factor in a lunch hour ... not going to happen. Pretty much never does.

Seriously, whenever my dad hires another crew they bill him eight hours to survey a single freaking gas station, and usually they miss crap so we've got to go to the site ourselves anyway. If I know everything you need to shoot, a crew leader really oughtta know, too, goddamn.

And uh. Yeah, I'm tired.
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Join the club, I know.
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I've been having the strangest craving for sour things, recently. I buy sour straws just so I can sit down and devour the entire pack, and I've taken to eating lemons. I've always eaten sour stuff but this is a bit ... different. "You might want to look into that," my dad says.

Work was long.

This whole trip's pretty damn long, actually.

I can't decide where I'd be least, home or here. ... Probably here, even if it looks like the situation at home is going to be cleared up pretty damn quick.

This Internet hates my computer. I should probably go back to catching fish in Animal Crossing.

[ profile] penginchan is a goddamn failure.
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We forgot some equipment, so surprise overnight trip! Except my brother got to bail, he's on his way home now, the prick. Gah, I got burned so bad that lying down on the bed hurts. And there was a dead cat. And a homeless guy who was so shitfaced I could only understand half of what he said.

I might get to actually get online tonight, though! ... Maybe. I have to get up early tomorrow to make my shift at GameStop. We shall see.

Edit: I wish someone would make icons of this movie, 'cause my own icons, they fail pretty hard. FANDOM, I COMMAND YOU. APPEAR.

Also, I typoed icons as skins. Time for bed, maybe?

And also: My boobs are sunburned. DDDDDDDDDDDDDDX

But wait!: Finally, a userinfo I can live with. I keep trying to make them, but talking about myself at any kind of length kind of makes my skin crawl. "Always a stickler for breaking the rules" is actually something Bryce said about me recently; it made me laugh. OKAY NIGHT.
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I'm trying to think of the words to explain my mood, but really, all I can come up with is


so obviously, my creativity knows no bounds. Or something.
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I'm loooooooooooooooooooonely.

And, get this, I'm working for a couple hours tomorrow and then I'm driving back to Phoenix, and then I drive home to Flagstaff, where I stay until Sunday night, but I've got stuff to do, since I haven't been home in a week, and then I'll get on a train taking me to downtown Los Angeles, where my dad will pick me up and we'll do some work before heading out to San Diego, then back to Los Angeles, at some point we'll go to a Clippers game, and when we finally finish up the last of these jobs, we'll come home! WHEN WILL THIS BE?! I DON'T KNOW. MAYBE NEVER.
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Not dead, just busy--not to mention too cheap to pay what Motel 6 is demanding for Internet access. Fuck that, I want it for free. I've been playing a ridiculous amount of Harvest Moon. I finished American Psycho and started Good Omens. I was kind of horrified to realize that American Psycho is much more my kind of humor than Good Omens--what the hell is wrong with me?!--so I might read To Androids Dream of Electric Sheep instead, tonight. I spend the minutes between jobs today writing Newsies death!fic, so I really have to reiterate, here: what the fuck is wrong with me.

By the way, [ profile] levade, my mother wants to know if you really mean it when you say "MUST BE KEPT FROZEN."
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And I'm outta here, guys! See you in Los Angeles.
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See, if I had my own place, or even a place with my brother, stuff like this wouldn't happen.

Mother: Brittany! Brittany! We need you in your father's office, we have to discuss work. Right now. We need to talk! Come on!
Brittany: 'M sleepin'. Go 'way.
Mother: We have to ask you some questions.
Brittany: Jus' ask 'em now.
Mother: I need you downstairs right now! You can sleep whenever you want.
Brittany: ...... Jesus. Fuck you.

She really said that. I'm sure she didn't think about what she was actually saying and how not true it is, and because I can be at times misleading she had no way of knowing that I'd just managed to fall asleep at eleven o'clock in the goddamn morning, but--but. Why is life so cruel to me?!

But we got some work, thank fucking God. That's the real news. So I'll be out of town for the next three days. In Phoenix, I think.
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[ profile] rocknload: Why does pizza NEVER become boring?
[ profile] levade: The yeast infects your brain and controls your reaction!
[ profile] rocknload: ....... Oh, my God. I think I hate you more right now than I ever have before.
[ profile] levade: I AM LAUGHING OUT LOUD.
[ profile] rocknload: YOU RUINED MY LUNCH BREAK.
[ profile] rocknload: I am WORKING. I don't pick my hours. Going back, now. Thank you for this... Interlude.
[ profile] levade: <3

I've noticed that me and Bryce, after nearly a week on our own, have settled into a routine. Seriously, we're all domestic and crap. Our family's coming back late tomorrow night to mess it up, though. And I don't know how I'm supposed to keep my room clean when I've gotta share it.

Still not sure what to do about the saloon. I mentioned it at work--at my real job--and one of my coworkers said, "You work there?"
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I'm looking for a job I can work from ten at night until perhaps eight in the morning. See how easy that is to explain? If I have to try and force one more online application to understand this, I'm going to start running in circles, screaming. Screaming. I'm used to computers, but I hate computers standing in place of what oughta be genuine human interaction.

I dreamed I dyed my hair purple. Which I can't do with a retail job; but maybe it's about time to change up what I look like. Soon as I get some money, and a few days off in a row from the show, maybe I'll get my tongue pierced.

Yeah, yeah, I know. Ew. Save it.
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Yesterday at work I failed to scale a six, six and a half foot concrete block wall. I even hurt myself trying. That's sad. Either I'm just that outta shape or I'm so fucking tired all the time from never sleeping. Either is completely fucking unacceptable.

I am weak. Weeeeeeeaaaaaaaaak.
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Ducking out of town, not taking the computer. I'll have my phone, but I'll probably be unconscious or driving for most of the trip. Also, I'm making absolutely no sense in conversation and I feel like absolute shit, no joke.

Edit: [ profile] theeternalmind, I was accepted! ^__^


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