rocknload: (終極一家 ☌ 這是我的時代)
2010-12-31 12:22 am
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Seriously. How did I live without Mandopop. I can't believe I've only been listening to it for like what, three months? I wish I could say that the whole rap hands/kung fu combo they've got going on in this video is like, common, but no I think this might be a Jay Chou exclusive. I'm probably going to be tracking down every album this guy has ever released over the weekend. I am sorry I ignored you for so long, Jay Chou. I've known you existed for years but I didn't realize you were awesome. (Also, I, uh, used to think you were Chinese. Sorry about that!)

Like I said on Plurk, tomorrow night I'm attending basically the biggest New Years party on the island—me and some friends are going up to Taipei and checking out the shows and fireworks at Taipei 101. We're also staying there all night with no place to go or sleep, until we drag our sorry asses back to Taichung, where we're presumably sleep all freaking day Saturday. It should be epic fun or like a complete disaster. I mean it's a really stupid plan so disaster is totally possible, but I believe.

If I don't sleep through poetry tomorrow, then I totally made it to ever class this week! Even the ones I teach! I am amazing at meeting very basic goals, let me tell you.