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Title: just for me
Author: Brittany
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: PG
Words: ~900
Author's Notes: I am annoyed that Supernatural has jumped from being that one show I just can't quit to totally engrossing me once again. No matter how corny they get. No matter how much this plot drags on. Goddamnit. You know, I actually feel guilty about the bashing I've done on the characters over the last few months? I honestly, seriously, really do. You know what I am? SICK. I AM SICK.


So if you're my guardian angel, who's sitting on my other shoulder? )
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Title: When you come to a fork in the road
Author: Brittany [ profile] rocknload
Fandom: Supernatural
Words: ~5000
Rating: PG
Summary: Spoilers for 3x02; semi-AU. So what if Lisa was lying? And came clean later? How would Dean handle that? Without any chick flick moments, that’s for sure.
Author’s Notes: [ profile] levade wanted to see a story where Ben maintained an interest in the supernatural and ran into Dean on the job. And hopefully, finishing this will knock my writer’s block flat on its ass! So that I can get to the owed fics and stuff. >_____> AND NOW I CAN SLEEP. HURRAH.


Dean never came back until Ben was eleven... )
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Title: Sympathy For the Devil
Author: Brittany [ profile] sterlingsylver
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: PG13
Words: ~2300
Summary: [one shot] Sam Winchester as played by the demon formerly known as Meg.
Author’s Notes: Spoilers for Born Under a Bad Sign, and also won’t make any sense if you haven’t seen it anyway. ^^ There’s a major scene from the episode that didn’t make it in here… I wanted to write it, but—it didn’t fit. Alas. Title is, of course, a song by the Stones.


Possession was to theft what rape was to sex. )
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Title: Hypocrisy Rules (1/1)
Author: Brittany ([ profile] sterlingsylver)
Fandom: Supernatural
Words: ~2500
Summary: [gen] Pre-series; modern technology can sometimes make it hard to let go and get away.
Author's Notes: Typos within the emails are most likely intentional -- outside the emails is fair game! ^^ I think the different fonts makes this easier to follow, but, hell, I could definitely be wrong.


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Title: Don’t Touch That Dial
Author: Brittany ([ profile] sterlingsylver)
Fandom: Supernatural/Transformers
Rating: PG
Words: ~6000
Summary: [one shot] A hunch on Sam Winchester’s part leads to a major headache for Sam Witwicky.
Author’s Notes: This was inspired by a very brief conversation with [ profile] sakebi. It was conceived and partially written before I realized that there are two Sams. Uh. This is only a slight problem from a narrative standpoint. Work with me. Reposted 'cause I suck, but finished now. Thanks to [ profile] penginchan and [ profile] overdramatized for reading it for me~. ^^
Edit: And thank you, anonymous reviewer on, for reminding me that Camaros do not have rear doors! ^^;;; Fixed, now...


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Title: Wrong Way
Fandom: Supernatural/Devil May Cry
Rating: PG
Words: 582
Characters: Sam, Dante, Dean
Summary: Sam calls an old acquaintance for help. Spoilers for the season two finale.
Author’s Notes: Continuation of Kind Connections, sort of. I find this crossover strangely compelling, apparently.


Sam didn't know why he still had the number.. )


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