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Who games online? I do! And not just obscure dorky stuff like video game characters on LiveJournal communities! Proper dorky stuff like MMOs, now.

halo 3sterlingsylver
I'm fairly certain I suck at this game hardcore. Problem is, the people I live with actually study this game and occasionally trounce professional players. It's rather discouraging.

animal crossingbrittany in kirst at 159013915568
I've wasted hours and hours of my life playing this; I have every fruit, I have bred a variety of flowers, I have fished and caught bugs and built snowmen and... ugh. My town is very pretty. I am current working on increasing my collection of pink flowers.

final fantasy xianalae in leviathan
I am a level six white mage. I am hardcore. Apparently, I have a connection with tons of people who are level... seventy, or something, and they will randomly give me cool shit! I predict good times in my future.

Clearly, I'm neglecting some vital part of my life to have time for all this, but... I can't figure out what's missing.
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@ [ profile] polychromatic;

[ profile] aferventfraud Dean Wincester ; Supernatural

@ nowhere;

[ profile] clever_enough Lloyd Irving ; Tales of Symphonia
[ profile] descuescere Mikaela Banes ; Transformers
[ profile] dudeinred Dante ; Devil May Cry
[ profile] eternaldunce Lloyd Irving ; Tales of Symphonia
[ profile] getavendetta Dante ; Devil May Cry
[ profile] gimmeameatbun Son Gokuu ; Saiyuki
[ profile] godlyinsanity Cortana ; Halo
[ profile] primetime217 Optimus Prime ; Transformers 2007
[ profile] psychicforhire Shawn Spencer ; Psych
[ profile] salamanqueja Seth Gecko ; From Dusk Till Dawn
[ profile] thegayrobot Leonard Church ; Red vs. Blue
[ profile] thegorramdoc Simon Tam ; Firefly
[ profile] toughtobeagod Miguel ; the Road to El Dorado
[ profile] vitamventuri Credo ; Devil May Cry
[ profile] wittywitwicky Sam Witwicky ; Transformers 2007


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