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4/24 - 4/27 Flagstaff
5/1 - 5/3 drive to Texas and back
5/4 12pm Chinese final interview
??? German final interview
5/7 Star Trek
5/8 6pm Spanish final exam
      8pm German final exam

go home for Bryce's 21st?? dunno

5/12 8pm Chinese final exam
5/14 8pm Linguistics final exam
5/15 move out
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in order of priority
✖ study for linguistics midterm II:

✖ how speech sounds are produced
contrastive and nonconstrastive sounds
✖ MRIs analyzation
✖ phonetic features
✖ syllabification

... and that's just the first part of the exam, I'll worry about adding stuff for the second part ... later tonight. also I've gotta

✖ study for chinese vocabulary quiz

✖ study for german vocabulary quiz
✖ german facebook project

✖ write chinese presentation
✖ give chinese presentation

✖ read "la rama seca"
✖ léxico
✖ cuestionario
✖ in class spanish essay on ... abused kids or something
oh, man.
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Make bed
✰ One load of laundry
✰ Write
✰ RP
I bet you wish you had a to-do list as formidable as that one.
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- Chinese Quiz #1 Think I aced it.
- Spanish Online Quiz 93.33%!
- Clean dorm room Good enough.
- Pack I don't care enough; I have my books and HAL, that's enough.
- Go home!
- Study for German exam (actually do this, I fucking suck at German)
- Linguistics problem set (start early, these are usually like six hours worth of work)
- ... Study for Spanish? I don't know. I think I'm pretty caught up here.
- Hang out with [ profile] yamiaudra
- Catch up on SPN and Battlestar
- Learn Chinese country words for speaking test on Monday
- ... Learn how to properly pronounce 日本人 (On the way out of class today, Shī-laǒshī was all, "Lánní! Rìběnrén. Rìběnrén." Dude, she was making fun of me. I think that means she likes me?)
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Stuff done this Spring Break!
★ scrub down the bathroom
finish cleaning room
★ catch up on laundry
★ take care of a couple outstanding debts, one of which could well get me arrested if I don't fucking... yeah, don't ask
★ finally get that second--or is it third?--fucking job
★ bust the lock on the gas on my bike
clear off and organize desk
★ get rid of a ton of fucking books; I'm sorry, you have to go, I don't have room
vacuum and dust room, defeat asthma
fall absolutely in love with Newsies
become effectively nocturnal, sleeping from dawn until dusk
rewatch the entire first season of Supernatural
Eh. Huh.

I'm... on the right track.

Edit: Oh my god. While cleaning, I found of a photo of me and my pseudo!twin, dressed as Dante and Vergil, holding our replicas of Ebony and Ivory, in the Jackpot pose. I-I can't believe this exists.

Another Edit: I am so elated with genuine accomplishment and success that I can't sleep, even if it's approaching five-thirty. The fact that I've been listening to David sing his almost sickeningly uplifting song for the last few hours straight might have something to do with that, too.

And Again: This is possibly redundant, but... WHY DOES THIS MOVIE MAKE ME SO FUCKING HAPPY. It makes no goddamn sense, man.
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→ So, everyone who thinks my sleep issues are in my head. How do you explain how I wake up in the morning after having only three hours of sleep? That's a rhetorical question.

→ Playing Dean Winchester at [ profile] polychromatic, now. God, I love that jerk.

→ Still answering comments from the DMC friending meme, which was lots of fun. Hey, new folks from that!

→ Note to self: call Walmart and beg them to hire me. Man, it's actually come to this.

→ And fucking write something today, failure. That's right, failure. I've barely written a thing in weeks except drabble requests. Failure.

→ ... My sleep issues are in my head, ow.

→ French midterm today. It's the reason I can't go back to sleep. I'll probably do fine on the test... but man, am I failing the class. So hard.
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This morning, in the room where I was sleeping, the dogs knocked over our gong.

My mom walked in to find me sitting bolt upright, my hair standing straight up (because it's short enough to do that when I first wake up.) "I am awake," I said.

To-do: don't forget to meet for Japanese food; sheets and stuff; move back into my goddamn room; finish these; play guitar until my fingers almost bleed; study French; that thing [ profile] pushpushlady wanted me to write; work on TFK;

Edit: And fjdsfdsklfsklf I seem to have double booked next weekend without even realizing it. Failure is mine.
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Just sayin'!

Job looking is later. Today is room cleaning. I have forced my sister into slavery so we should finish sometime this night! And then job looking. [ profile] yamiaudra, any ideas? It looks like I've got three days a week to work with. >___>

I have three fucking fics I can't write the endings to. It's driving me crazy. One of them is [ profile] immelmanturn's Christmas fic! I. Arg. Frustrating.

Edit: Dude, [ profile] pushpushlady, [ profile] mocha_cocoa, you two are still having sex on my journal? DDX


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