Jun. 13th, 2010

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I am still not dead, though my Internet funtime is like, zero. My online classes take tons of fucking time but the payoff is that they're super interesting, I'm taking Language Development and Gender and Language. I've also taken like four work trips with my father since I've been at home for the summer, which means I might actually get paid for working for him. That'd be nice, because Visa's still shaking me down for a minimum payment that's more money than I made in the entirety of 2009. I can't even negotiate with them, because I have like, nothing. My only income is quarters I find on the ground and I mostly use those for food.

I'm actually following the World Cup! Soccer is like the one sport in the entire world I can understand anyway, because I played it for years and years when I was a kid. I've learned that I don't even need the USA to win, all our team needs to do is not lose horribly for it to shock and piss off my non-American friends.

My sister's going to Normandy in like, a week and a half, and staying there for a month, and even has friends from Germany coming just to visit her while she's there. This makes me consider the fact that I know many people in different parts of the world. They mostly live in place where they speak languages I can muddle through, even. Why did I pick my study abroad in a place where I seriously, uh, don't know anyone? Plus I've recently learned that the political situation in Taiwan is way more unstable than I was lead to believe. I don't find out for sure if I'm going or not for a few more weeks, though.


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