Aug. 18th, 2010

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My siblings and I have gotten into Red vs. Blue again, a series which has always held a special place in our hearts because we played Halo for like ten years and because each of us strongly identifies with one of main characters and can even map most of our friends to roles on the series. However, my brother's girlfriend also wants to get in on this, and she's decided that, while Bryce is still Grif and Bridgette is still O'Malley, I'm not Church, I'm Sarge, and that she's Tex. Tex, the professional killer and the biggest badass in the whole canyon. Which is annoying enough but, really, Sarge? Sarge? Now she's just trying to insult me.

I got my tests back for my resident visa, and I appear to be free of contagious diseases! Hopefully the Taiwanese consulate will accept the forms I have, which they might not, which would suck because then I'd have to get all those tests done again.

[ profile] levade is coming to visit me tomorrow! Which means today me and [ profile] penginchan are cleaning like, everything. Or trying to. Tomorrow we will pick her up from the airport, the day after that we're going to Sedona, and then Saturday everybody is going to Phoenix for my amazing birthday, which involves [ profile] neuroticisizing and Inception at the drive in and probably a lot of video games and booze before that. Okay, probably not a lot of alcohol, but the arcade is also a bar and I'd like to take advantage of that fact.

Taiwan in thirteen days!


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