Sep. 26th, 2010

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Life in Taiwan is sometimes frustrating but overall it's treating me well—well enough that actually a lot of my anxiety symptoms are almost nonexistent, though see what happens when school really gets going. I don't feel homesick at all but I never felt homesick the previous twenty-plus times I have moved so I guess I am incapable of feeling that emotion, which is fine with me.

Also I'm weirdly liking German this time around, and I wonder if my hate for it had anything to do with how much my previous German teacher openly disliked me. I have enough close friends who are German that speaking it would be really useful to me. I'm also trying to pick up some Thai since I hang out with the Thai expats like one a week and at least five of my closest friends here are Thai, but right now all I can say is hello. Their phonology is insane and all their words just slide out of my head.

I blew some of the last of my money on an electronic dictionary that can look up characters by drawing them, which maybe I shouldn't have but one of my classes is all in Chinese and the textbook is all in Chinese and I'm basically terrified of that class and this is like a weapon to defend myself with.

I stayed up last night reading Lost In Austen and I didn't like it very much because it told you to keep score throughout the whole game and I did and when I got to the end it was all, ADD UP YOUR POINTS. OKAY. YOUR SCORE DOESN'T MATTER BECAUSE DARCY LOVES YOU JUST THAT MUCH. Which would've been aggravating enough but also during my scorekeeping I accidentally got inkstains all over the back casing of my nook and augh. But now I want to write like this epic awesome choose your own adventure, I don't know what about but it'll be amazing. That is my only requirement.


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