Feb. 16th, 2010

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So today I have failed in almost every way that matters, I've decided to lay out what my study plans are over the next few months. I might as well do something productive. People who are really aware of what I do in school and stuff probably already know that my major is actually a flimsy escuse for me to study and learn about as many languages as humanely possible, and I do a lot of out of class work on them, too.
mandarin chinese: Watching 花樣少年少女. Listening to 慢速中文 Slow Chinese when updates come out. I also go to Chinese class two hours a day five days a week and do all the related coursework. I honestly think I'm good on this front, obviously more would be awesome especially since I'm applying this month to go to Taiwan in August, but Chinese already takes up more than half of my academic time and energy.

spanish: Regularly watching the news on Telemundo (note, make this every day.) Listening to BBC Mundo podcast daily. Starting to collect Spanish language literature (note, actually start reading it.) Making trips to Mexico, starting this weekend! W00t. I'm also actively trying to expand the Spanish language music I'm listening to. I need to make a lot more conscious effort to work on my Spanish, though, since it's sort of gone to the back burner with how time consuming Chinese is.

french: Periodically listening to Le journal en français facile, just now visited their website and have decided I will use it more, ugh. I also have a vocab workbook. I hate French but I consider it important to know because of just how widely it's spoken and how many people study it as a second language. I DO NOT HAVE LOFTY FRENCH GOALS but I'd like to be able to read newspaper articles and maybe have a basic, functional conversation in the language.

japanese: I'm mostly taking this up again because it seems like a waste to walk away from a few years of study and decent conversational skills. I have no plans though which sucks, I need to figure out a good strategy for reviewing stuff I've already learned. Like French my goals are more along the lines of passive skills, with no real urge to be able to produce awesome Japanese. Reading would be nice, with some comprehension skills, too. All the work I'm putting into Chinese right now will probably actually be useful, since I know the meanings, at least, of a lot more Chinese characters.
Man I want to learn mooooooooore seriously this is probably what I'm going to do with my life, but I'm trying to restrain myself and focus and stuff. Though over the summer I'll probably take Cantonese if my school offers it and I'm thinking of poking at Afrikaans. And Portuguese would probably be pretty easy, at least the basics, and I freaking love the way Xhosa sounds and holy crap Basque, it's so completely nonsensical to me. And I've taken courses in American Sign Language and German so I can always go back to them if the mood strikes me and man I MUST LEARN MORE. MOOOOOOORE. But restraint, yes. Restraint.


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