May. 6th, 2010

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I'm pleased to report that Indiana Jones won, as well he should have.

The good news is that I'm probably going to get to see Iron Man! The bad news is that that's only because I have to drive across state in order to put an app in at my potential summer job and maybe talk to the manager, who is under the impression that I'm an experienced waitress that speaks Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese. Which would be handy, were it true, since all those are spoken in the restaurant or nearby but yeah, I'm sort of not that good.

I'm also trying to get a second job working the night shift at the Walmart Supercenter.

And my dad wants me to start moving my stuff from my studio back into the house. I am so, so sad about this, guys. You have no idea. He was going to ease the move for me by giving me basically a room downstairs that's independent of the rest of the house but my mom was all, woah, you're setting that up for Brittany? This is wonderful. I'm taking it. So now I'm back sharing a room that still has my decade old Orlando Bloom posters on the walls with my little sister and answering to my parents whenever I want to come or go. I am getting way too old for this shit, you guys have no idea.


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