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It's not that I don't understand calls to boycott Arizona and I'm pissed at the laws being passed here as much as pretty much anyone, but the thought of the boycotts themselves sort of leave a pit in my stomach. I mean, our economy is hella shitty, jobs are scarce and it's not hard to imagine who will be most effected if well-meaning people from other states try to damage the economic situation here even more. I admit I am also seeing this through the eyes of, "Wow, if this actually worked it could possibly fuck up my life." but really, if people want to help they should probably do something that would ... I don't know, help. But the boycotting thing seems to be a great opportunity for people to feel better about themselves while ignoring the fact that they're not only not helping but might actually be making things worse. And we did not even elect Jan Brewer, okay. Said link also has some suggestions for things that might actually help, most of which involve supporting Arizona fix it ourselves.

I've been fucking around on Tumblr a lot, recently. After finally getting the hang of it I officially declare the site neato. If you guys have Tumblrs you should totally cough 'em up.

Final grades starting to trickle in, I have so far gotten a B in Spanish composition, a B in intermediate Chinese, and an A in Phonetics. I've just barely earned all of these grades, like my actual grades were an 80, 81, and a 90.2 or something. I'll be done with everything here on Friday, and I'll be back in Flagstaff for the summer from this weekend. Hooray.
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4/28 intermediate chinese oral interview
4/29 elementary chinese oral interview
5/3 phonetics
5/7 intermediate chinese written
5/11 chinese linguistics
5/11 spanish
5/14 elementary chinese written
I am not impressed, finals "week" which is actually more like three weeks. Which gives me lots of time to study, except I'm pretty sure that my grades are all pretty much set so long as I don't miss or fail one of my finals.

Submitted my study abroad application! UA is already eagerly charging me tuition for it, so I guess they're satisfied, but I won't hear from NCHU until July. Major stress there. I will, however, hear from the Taiwanese government in the next few weeks as to whether or not they're giving me that scholarship. Stress stress stress.

Going to a baseball game this weekend! My friend E is apparently going to try and get me in for free, and possibly explaining to me what's going on and stuff. UA is playing UCLA, which is my parents' university. Apparently Arizona stands no chance at all.
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So for my Chinese linguistics class I have to give a half hour presentation. One of the first presentations of the semester, actually, I'm like fourth out of the class. The topics we've heard so far were stuff like, "How the Chinese Writing System Was Developed" and "How the Simplified Characters Were Derived." Okay, cool, that's interesting stuff. This presentation thing looks pretty easy, actually!

My assigned topic is: "Culture and the Idealized Cognitive Models of Mandarin Chinese Compounds." Come on, man.
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It's no longer an ear infection! Oh, they're probably still infected, but they don't hurt much anymore so I'm ignoring them, I'm distracted by my eyes. They've turned Jesus fucking Christ red, coated in slime, and they actually crusted over in the night last night. Too gross? Well imagine how I felt when I was all I CAN'T OPEN MY EEEEEEEYES D: Today I've missed my first day at my paying job, and you probably all know how I feel about that. My illness now seems so ridiculous to me! I don't even blame you if you don't care or you think I'm exaggerating or what the fuck ever, 'cause I don't know if I believe in it, anymore.

But none of this matters! Because I just got this email.
Based on your EFC of 01133, you appear to be eligible to receive a Federal Pell Grant of up to $4200 for the 2009-2010 school year.
I can't breathe.

Next semester is actually looking to be insanely awesome. I'm getting free money, I'm taking Chinese, French, and Spanish, plus I've been offered independent study credits to help some linguist in his lab, I'm taking an entire course in syntax, which I could seriously do all day, I'm trying to get into this gorgeous place, which seems out of my price range but whenever I crunch the numbers actually isn't, I'll have my truck in Tucson, possibly one of my motorcycles, and weekend work with my dad to make the bills I can't cover with loans.

I'm just sitting here waiting for things to go terribly wrong.
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My linguistics final went shockingly well, except due to running on literally no sleep at all I couldn't think of a proper example of a Spoonerism, and so in desperation I scrawled down "cupid stunts," which I think is a username I've seen around [ profile] sf_drama. Yes. On my hardest final for my most important class, on this ridiculously serious business test, I wrote cunt down as my demonstrative example. Bonus irony points for the fact that on another section of the test I focused on social dialects and how we choose the appropriate words for particular social situations.

That was the very last question I had to answer for this class or any class at all for the entire semester—nay, school year. I'm so done.
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Oh man guys I did like everything wrong and my final is scheduled for eight o'clock in the morning not at night and now I don't get any sleep tonight which actually isn't that big a deal I mean I'll live and also I've got no time to do any last minute studying which also isn't a big deal since I'm pretty confident about the material but the real horror of all this is the fact that I've fucked up my checkout and moving home stuff like I can't even believe and I need to be out of here an entire day earlier and that day is in fact tomorrow by which I mean today it's almost five in the morning and oh my god it's maybe more of a big deal than I thought just a second ago and aaaaaaaaa



I haven't moved or stood up or spoken or called anyone or done anything at all since I made this shocking realization. My face is a blank slate of panic. My expression is wide-eyed and slack-jawed. I'm not even swearing my whole reaction is just, "Oh. Man."

i attempted to get advice from my brother. it all ended in tears. )
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Added some folks from the Star Trek 2009 Friending Meme. Hello!

In even less exciting news, I'm back at university to take my final two ... finals. Some of my grades are already coming back; this semester came out okay, and probably better than could've been expected, considering I spent almost the entire goddamn time with strep throat—I ended up missing like two weeks of classes, if you add up all the times I had to miss because I was too sick. College is still soul crushingly difficult for me, but I'm actually sort of confident that I can do this just three more times. That's it! Three more times.

It's like a chant. It has replaced my old motto, which was, "I'm the best, I'm good at everything, and nobody hates me."

Actually, I think I'll keep the old motto, too.

new trek things i wanna write about at some point )
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My brother scored Appetite for Destruction on vinyl and didn't think that was worth mentioning to me. I came home, and like I usually do when I'm here, the first thing I did was check my record collection to make everything's where I left it—and then, "Dude, where the fuck did this come from?"

My collection is still a baby collection, though. I've got a Black Sabbath and a Blue Öyster Cult and a Kansas, and an All That Remains I actually got autographed, and of course Back In Black and Master of Puppets—the AC/DC was actually printed in the 80s, it was my Christmas present last year. I love my collection. Since Bryce was kind enough to get me the GNR—he might've said something about it being his and not mine, but who cares, right?—next up is Hysteria. And more Metallica, obviously, and more AC/DC too, but those stupid jerks insisted on making a million albums that were actually good and I can't figure out which ones I want next.

More Star Trek stuff: [ profile] startrek2009, a general discussion community modded by, uh, some person, and now I'm helping out at [ profile] startrekfic, and [ profile] st_reboot is really awesome, and I'm really stupidly proud of something I wrote at [ profile] st_xi_kink. [ profile] brown_betty wrote a neat post here reccing the better episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series, and basically AWESOME NEW FANDOM IS AWESOME enough said.

It's my brother's twenty-first birthday today. If I spend the night partying at Buffalo Wild Wings, does that, like, cancel out dork in this entry?

School stuff's happened, but it's all boring. So glad I'm almost done and my grades are coming back. My nightmare about finals last night isn't something I wanna repeat.
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So. Dreamwidth. I like the site a lot, and I hope I can split my Internet attention even further and put my account over there to good use. [ profile] immelmanturn brought up the concern that she wouldn't be able to keep up with her friends over there, and after investigating the problem, I discovered you can set up an RSS feed of your Dreamwidth like so: [ profile] today_dw. LJ users can friend those. I'm really aware of the fact that "discovered" in this case means "realized something that almost the entire Internet already knows." Still! I encourage other people with DWs to do the same! If you don't plan on crossposting, anyway. I don't, because I think I'm going to try and stash all my writing stuff over there.

Also, if I don't have anyone here already added? Your usernames, cough 'em up.

School is winding down, and in my head I've already moved back to Flagstaff—I'm going home at every opportunity, and only come back down here to take exams and stuff. My family's taking over running a taekwondo studio, as some of you guys know, and with that apparently comes drama. We're talking theft, blackmail, lies, betrayal—it's like it's right out of a shounen sports manga. Serious business. It also has involved a serious amount of work, and so far most of that's been serious, disgusting cleaning. I spent yesterday working with my brother, climbing up on the roof of the offices. We had to swing from the I-beams in the roof, in order to clean up piles of filth and dirt off an indoor storage area that I'm pretty sure hasn't been cleaned or even seen in years. I'm surprised I didn't have an asthma attack right there.

I'm probably going to end up doing a lot of work there this summer. I'm wondering if I can put the volunteer hours on a resume, because I'm not going to get paid and that'd be nice. I have enough jobs for my resume, I'm pretty sure, this would be something new and interesting.
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I have a pile of linguistics work to do—seriously, it's at least a few hours worth, all of it problem solving creative thinking crap and some of it due tomorrow morning—and I also have a fucking migraine. It's pretty mild at the moment, as far as brain splitting headaches go, but goddamn it could well get worse, it's already bad enough I can't think straight, and I have shit to do. Computer work, even!

I had something else to say, something of mild importance, but it was lost in the sea of auuuuuuuuuuuuughfjfkfklwksiakgnankfsjkfwa.
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My workload in all my classes has dropped to essentially nothing, which I think means everyone is gearing up for final exams, but I don't know, this is my first semester at university. Maybe it's just a happy homework scheduling coincidence. Everything is very calm on campus. I had nothing to do yesterday so I rekeyworded all my icons, added every school I can remember attending to my profile—it's still short at least three—and walked around the perimeter of my school.

Dude, I live in a crappy place. It reminds me of lots of places in Southern California except without all the people. Los Angeles except without the beach. Sylmar. Van Nuys. Freaking Burbank—I have returned from whence I came. I picked a college town that's essentially the same as the city I was born in, and I really can't stand LA.
Meme: The rules are that for 8 days you have to post something that made you happy that day.
day02 Yesterday I played the grand piano downstairs uninterrupted for about an hour. I also found my favorite kind of milk, which should count towards this meme, because it initially made me extremely happy. I didn't know at the time that it was spoiled, and I didn't even admit that it was spoiled until I'd chocked down an entire glass of it. That's how happy I was ... initially.
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monday and wednesday

10.oo span 325 ➽ intermediate spanish writing and grammar
11.oo chn 102 ➽ elementary chinese
1.oo ger 102 ➽ german ii

tuesday and thursday

11.oo chn 102 ➽ elementary chinese
1.oo ger 102 ➽ german ii
2:oo ling 300 ➽ introduction to syntax


10.oo span 325 ➽ intermediate spanish writing and grammar
11.oo chn 102 ➽ elementary chinese
The only thing up in the air there is German, because I hate the language and my grade in the class I'm in now is crap because of everything I missed while I was sick, but I'd like to get a year of the language under my belt before I drop it. If I drop it I'll pick up second year French in its place. And now I should think about sleep, since I've gone twenty-six hours without doing that thing and I hear it's necessary for life or something like that. Hyperbolically speaking I haven't slept since Tuesday and I'm not really sure why that is.
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I've written my third ... thing about my family in the last week, this apparently is a popular topic in language classes in the month of February.

fda )

I'm proud of myself. I mean, it wasn't hard, that's really basic Chinese, but holy crap that looks cool. Doesn't it? Doesn't it?
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Make bed
✰ One load of laundry
✰ Write
✰ RP
I bet you wish you had a to-do list as formidable as that one.
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Man, I wish my linguistics problem sets were taken from languages that at were at least remotely close to English. Not because it'd make it easier—though it would—but because I have to do all of them on the computer, which turns half the unusual characters into empty boxes in Microsoft Word. So instead of spending the last fifteen minutes analyzing from Apinaye (spoken by 1400 people in Brazil, I think), I've been trying to fight the formatting and make it readable.

Looks like I'm going to have to stay up late doing homework, which is great, because I've got to get up at five to make my classes tomorrow. My sleep schedule? Forever hopeless, I'm afraid.

I think Arizona's losing the Superbowl. But I really have no idea. They're all partying and cheering and booing downstairs.
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[ profile] heytherenatalie, could we meet up maybe next weekend? My parents offered to buy me a Greyhound ticket to go home this weekend.

If I do go home, I think I'll bring my old skateboard back down; they're pretty common around campus, and I could use a faster mode of transportation then walking ... even if it's only, uh, marginally faster. And I don't know if I just suck at time management or what, but it seems like every damn day I have three or four hours worth of homework at least, holy crap—but I'm turning in everything, which for me is really amazing. How can I get a job, do all that, go to all my classes, and also sleep at night?

Not that I'm actually doing a lot of sleeping. Man, the sleeping porch has been cold the last few nights, and that just makes it worse.
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My first attempts to learn to knit have been met with failure, it's depressing. I think the yarn the lady in the store showed me is too fuzzy, I can't see what the hell I'm doing it and irritates me.

The one thing I want to do this year is write more. Not just fic, but actual original stuff—I've just finally put another idea I've had for the last few weeks down on paper, and I'd like to actually, you know, work on it. The only thing that bugs me is that the heroines I write tend to lean towards being bitchy, powerful, and mentally unstable, and this girl is a regular, wimpy person with awesome motivations like a crush on a boy and wanting to be with him!

My main characters are almost always women, should I try and change that, I wonder? It's not as though the heroines are running together in my mind. Even Merik and Cassidy, the two characters who have a ton in common—they both evolved from a character I made up when I was twelve so it's like they're related—have really distinctly separate personalities, I'm pretty sure. And when it comes to the principle characters I invent, men and women are pretty equally represented.

I don't know, it's just something I've noticed about my writing, and it's a little strange when you consider the fact that when it comes to fiction I enjoy, it's generally the male characters that are my favorites. But it's probably natural, I guess, that I'd wonder what Bizarre Situation X would look like from Random Chick Z's point-of-view, since I'm a girl, after all.

Hm, worth thinking about.

Well, wasn't that exciting! In other news, I'm thinking about, uh, not getting a food plan or taking any student loan money to cover meals. This'll motivate me to get a job all the quicker, right?
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I think it's safe to say that I like [ profile] tempate_rpg a lot. I'm probably going to pick someone else up pretty quick. ... Unfortunately, doing the hover thing to add friends seems to automatically put them on [ profile] rocknload's list, no matter who I'm signed in as. This simply will not do.

Tomorrow I head down to Verde Valley for another CPR course, and then I think I've got every requirement out of the way in order to get my nursing assistant certificate next semester. I'm gonna be doing clinical hours, guys. In a hospital. Holy crap.

I've been thinking about whether or not nursing is really the best way to get to what I want to do—I want to work in foreign aid and do humanitarian stuff—and after doing some more research I'm pretty sure that it is. I'm not crazy about blood and guts and stuff, and I'm sure that's pretty obvious to most people who know me, but I really want to help people.

I really want my room clean, too, but I have absolutely no motivation to do it. I just keep ... looking around at it. Alas, rats aren't in my immediate future, maybe I can start by dragging the massive cage outta there.
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Despite my complete and utter hatred of Batman Begins—which I've ranted to my friends about probably more times than they appreciate—I'm pretty excited to see the new one in, oh, three or four hours. Alas, that I have a final exam tomorrow, so Bryce and I are dragging our books along with us for the long wait in line.

This gives me about one more hour to finish writing various reports and complete various labs, and all I can think is, "Huh, I wonder what it is about my writing style that makes it unsuitable for this particular fandom? Maybe if I changed it to present tense and made the sentences shorter, with more description..."

Being unbearable geeky and pretentious is an art form I have perfected. As is avoiding my homework!

I am amazing.
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This is the first time I've ever written a paper that's a whole page longer than the minimum specified requirements. Possibly because I got to speculate on the motivations of a carnivorous alien menace and include phrases like, "It's unfortunate that the scientifically motivated characters didn't get a chance to speculate more before they were killed and eaten."

It's possible I may be choosing the long line of work, here. Is there a line of work where you get to speculate about aliens? I'm totally there.

Edit: Though I may be ill-suited for science stuff, at least I didn't spent the entire class doodling about Dan the DNA Man and the wacky adventures of Mitosis and Meiosis. Unlike someone I know.

Also, I think I'm changing my schedule to take microbiology next semester. Holy crap, that topic drives me crazy. I must understand it.


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